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Welcome, Emma! Congratulations, Beto!

Posted on June 6th, 2019

We are thrilled to share some wonderful news:

  • Emma Silver, URJ Camp Newman and NFTY CWR alumna, will be joining our full-time team on July 15, 2019, as URJ Camp Newman Assistant Director and NFTY CWR Regional Advisor!
  • Beto Salazar-Poss, current URJ Camp Newman Assistant Director, will expand his portfolio of work to include NFTY CWR and become URJ Camp Newman Assistant Director and NFTY CWR Regional Advisor.

Together, Emma and Beto will share leadership and partner to create meaningful Jewish experiences in new and exciting ways. Emma and Beto will serve as part of our URJ Camp Newman director team as well as running our NFTY CWR region together.


We are thrilled to welcome Emma back home. Emma served on NFTY CWR’s regional board, attended URJ Camp Newman as a camper, counselor, and unit head, and currently fills the role of Executive Assistant to Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism in New York.

We have been honored to be part of Emma’s journey and have witnessed Emma’s passion, dedication, commitment, energy, and eagerness to fulfill our mission.


Beto has been a part of the Camp Newman and NFTY CWR community for twenty years now as a camper, participant, counselor, and various leadership roles before joining our full-time team August 2018 as Assistant Director. Beto has worked tirelessly all year to create an amazing camp experience this summer and we are thrilled that his magic, charisma and leadership will be now be more deeply ingrained into the NFTY experience.

Beto’s leadership of NFTY CWR will positively impact our teens and greater community for years to come.

We’re thrilled to announce this to our community! Please see notes from Emma and Beto below and join us in welcoming both to these exciting roles.


Ari Vared
Executive Director, CA Youth & Camping

Rabbi Allie Fischman
Camp Director, URJ Camp Newman

A Message from Emma Silver!

I am honored and thrilled to be joining the URJ Camp Newman team as Assistant Camp Director and NFTY CWR Advisor! My introduction to Camp Newman started while I was on the phone with my rabbi after my bat mitzvah, trying to figure out what the next step of my Jewish journey could look like, when she mentioned URJ Camp Newman. A Hebrew school classmate of mine had been spending his summers there since he was seven, and as soon as my rabbi said it, I pictured what my classmate had written in my middle school yearbook the year before: “Go to camp.”

I am thankful every day that I was pointed in the direction of Camp Newman—camp quickly became my place, and as a first-time camper entering high school, both camp and NFTY became my people. As a young person learning how to make her way in the world, I was guided and supported by an incredible team of professional staff—counselors, NFTY advisors, camp directors—who inspired me and gave me opportunities to try on and implement a new set of leadership skills rooted in Jewish values, cultivating all sorts of growth.

It was also in these spaces that I realized I wanted to dedicate my professional life to the Jewish community, and have been pursuing that path ever since. As a staff member at Camp Newman, I learned the sacred task of inspiring a love of Judaism in the next generation at camp, and during my time at university, I got to continue that work by staffing various NFTY and Reform movement events. I am so excited to be returning to and serving a community that I will forever consider home, and look forward to all of the creating, learning, and growing we will do together!

Emma Silver
URJ Camp Newman Assistant Director and NFTY CWR Regional Advisor

A Message from Beto Salazar-Poss!

After many years working behind the scenes with NFTY CWR and the past several months as an Assistant Director at Camp Newman, I am excited to now be sharing a position that lets me do both!

I am thrilled to be able to continue positively impacting the lives of our youth by helping to create moments of magic and awe and by creating a safe space for them to be curious and grow. Working at camp during the summer and continuing to work with our teens during the year through NFTY has been an absolute blessing. I’m so happy to be able to put my passion and energy into both Camp Newman and NFTY CWR, and into strengthening the bridge between the two.

Beto Salazar-Poss 
URJ Camp Newman Assistant Director and NFTY CWR Regional Advisor