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From Camper to Staff

From Camper to Staff

Posted on June 18th, 2019

 By Haley Rose, Summer Marketing Assistant

As staff week comes to a close and the campers arrived, we wanted to know about the transition from camper to counselor. Many of our staff had been campers for many wonderful years before getting to reverse those roles. We asked counselors, “What is the best part about working at camp?”

“Being able to give back to campers what I was given as a camper” Rebecca Sculler, Olim counselor

“Being able to come back every single summer and seeing my past campers. Being able to connect with them again and creating those new connections with my new campers every single year.”Elyssa Alfi, CIT advisor

One, Being able to work with your friends all summer. Two, just being at camp is always a good thing. And three, I really like working with the campers because you can see how they change so much, even over the course of a two-week session. It is such a cool experience to be a part of that growing process and all of them are such unique kids that it’s so beautiful just to be around.Maddie Koumelis, Bogrim counselor

“Seeing my past campers and the campers I have now, grow.” -Allison Granet, CIT advisor 

“To use my creativity to help inspire new young Jewish leaders and to inspire the next generation of campers to love camp.” Becca Paskowitz, Olim counselor

“I get to be myself and play with kids all day long.” -Chip Creinin, Shoshanim counselor

“Being silly and being your true self and inspiring others to do the same.” -Joseph, CIT advisor