Our 70th Anniversary Council


Thank you to our advisory council for your ongoing support of our 70th Anniversary Celebration. If you’re interested in joining the council, please contact Tracey Klapow at tklapow@urj.org.

Event Chairs

Joanne Cohen

Michael Shapero

Bruce Cohen

Council Members 


Mike and Sue Austin

Roberta Bavin

Adam Blotner

Joanne  Cohen

Barbie Cohen

Robbie Cohn

Barry Cohn

Debbie Trubowitch Cohn

Victoria Crane

Moshe Dollinger

Julia Friedman

Joe Glass

Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff

Lea Hallert

Adam Harris

Morrie and Geri Hershman

Dr. Greg Hirsch

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Debbie Kay

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

Tish Laemmle

Samara Leader

Bailey London

Steve Makoff

Arielle Morrison

Michelle November

Lindy Passer

Toby Pechner

Frank Ponder

Linda  Rabinowitch

Joey Robinow

Rabbi Lenny Thal

Ari Vared

Sarah Vared

Julie Waltzer

Leslie Wasserman

Marilyn Weiss

Dr. Mark Weiss

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

…and growing!