Connect to Your Camper

Emailing, Mailing & Calling Your Camper


During summer camp, there are lots of ways you can stay in touch with your camper. See below for some ideas!



There’s nothing more exciting than mail time at camp! It is very important for both campers and parents to send and receive mail. We urge you and your camper to write to each other regularly. Your camper may be disappointed if they do not hear from you!

  • For campers sending letters to friends & family: Stamps, envelopes, paper, and pens are NOT sold at camp. It is sometimes easier for younger children to write home if they are equipped with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes or postcards. Please be sure to send the necessary supplies of envelopes, paper, pens, and stamps with your child!
  • For parents, friends & family sending letters to campers: Please address all mail as follows (& remember to include your return address!): Campers Name, Session Name and Session Number, URJ Camp Newman, 4088 Porter Creek Road, Santa Rosa CA 95404-9613. If you can’t recall what session name/number your camper is, click here to find it. Remember: Please do not pack food or candy. It will be confiscated!

heart-64x64Emails & Photos

To send an email to your camper or view up-to-date photos of each session, log in to your CampInTouch account by clicking here, the same system you used to register for camp. We will send instructions prior to each session.

  • To send an one-way email: Log into CampInTouch. Follow the Email icon to send emails to your camper using CampStamps.* We print CampInTouch emails daily at 10am and hand out at the following lunch (except for Sat./Shabbat). *Each family receives 2 free CampStamps per parent, per week. 1 CampStamp = 1 email; you can use additional CampStamps for stationery or word games, and also buy more CampStamps for yourself or as gifts for friends/family.
  • To send a letter: Please address mail as follows (and include your return address!): Camper’s Name, Session Name and Session #, URJ Camp Newman, 4088 Porter Creek Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404-9613. If you can’t recall the session name/#, click here.

Phone Calls

Campers cannot use the phone or receive phone calls or faxes. Parents cannot call their child at camp, however you are welcome to call the camp office at 707-571-7657 to speak with one of our staff members with any questions or concerns about your child. Don’t be concerned if you do not hear back immediately – we will return your call! And you should know that the camp administration will be in touch should any concern arise.

During Shabbat (from Friday sundown through Saturday sundown), the office is closed and the answering machine will be on. We check the messages often and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Care Packages

Campers can receive non-food gift packages. Here are some thing to note:

  • Please limit your packages to one per week.
  • Do not send packages with food, drink, candy or gum to camp! This is due to Kashrut, preventing animals from entering the cabin, and camper food allergies. To ensure the safety of everyone, any food sent via packages will be confiscated and donated to a local children’s center.
  • All parcels will be opened by the camper, in the presence of a staff member.
  • All packages must be sent prepaid.
  • If you prefer to use a Care Package service, you can find some recommendations here.

More Ways to Stay Connected!

There are lots of other ways to stay updated with Newman during summer – and all year long! Click here for more info!