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Need the perfect gift for a camp alum? A proud grandparent? Or for your first-time camper?

Our Camp Store has a variety of wearables and accessories that can be emblazoned with the camp logo or slogan of your choice.

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Here are some of our favorite Camp Store items – modeled by our fantastic staff:

Care Packages

Campers can receive non-food gift packages. Here are some thing to note:

  • Please limit your packages to one per week.
  • Do not send packages with food, drink, candy or gum to camp! This is due to Kashrut, preventing animals from entering the cabin, and camper food allergies. To ensure the safety of everyone, any food sent via packages will be confiscated and donated to a local children’s center.
  • All parcels will be opened by the camper, in the presence of a staff member.
  • All packages must be sent prepaid.

There are many great Care Package companies to choose from. Here are just a few:

Personalized Clothing Labels

When you send your child to camp, items inevitably get lost. We highly recommend that you label each item with your camper’s first and last name (remember, there may be more than one “Rachel” or “Jacob”!). You can either use a permanent marker, or purchase a pre-made customized label from a vendor like the ones below: