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Connect with other camp fans like you on our Facebook page! All summer, we’ll post lots of pictures plus news you can use, videos, announcements, and more!



Visit Vimeo for all our camp videos – that capture the best moments from summer.



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All summer, we keep our blog chock full of wonderful articles, stories and features written by our staff, campers, and faculty. For more in-depth spotlights, read the blog! Click here to check out our blog now.



During the summer, we upload photos regularly to CampInTouch – the same secure website you used to register (log in using the same username/password).


Please note: We do our best to take photos of EVERY child and post as frequently as possible. However, our first priority is not to take photos but to give your kids an AWESOME camp experience. Also, Internet is often spotty at camp, and prevents us from uploading photos as quickly as we would like. If you have any questions or concerns, please email directly rather than post on Facebook. Thank you!

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