Comfortable Lodging in a Picturesque Setting

There are many different areas of camp that can be used to house your group, from our newly built ADA compliant cabins to our private apartments. Please contact us so we can best assess your needs and determine what living situation is best for your group.

Field Cabins

Newly built in 2013 & 2014, these eco-friendly cabins offer comfortable living accommodations for groups, families or couples with plenty of storage and gorgeous balcony views. Each cabin has eight beds and two showers. The sliding divider along the center wall can be opened to become one large cabin with sixteen beds and four showers.

Private cabins 1-10

Featuring a living room, kitchenette and one to four rooms each, these cabins are some of our most desirable living spaces. They are great for family and adult retreats looking for something a little more spacious.


These smaller, centrally located cabins offer more intimate living space, great for families or smaller groups. They have six to eight beds each with a bathroom.


Up by our basketball court is a village of larger cabins that have a quintessential ‘campy’ feel. Each building houses two spacious rooms with about fifteen beds each, adjoined in the middle by an extra large bathroom.

Mirpah’ah (Infirmary)

This modern facility – which functions as an operational clinic during summer camp – doubles as a space for over 12 overnight guests. No medical staff or supplies are available for rentals.