Bon Appetit!

The Camp Newman Kitchen Staff will prepare all meals and snacks for your group. We work closely with you to establish a menu for your event so that everybody leaves satiated and satisfied.

You will make the decisions regarding meal times and how the meals will be served. We serve meals either buffet-style, or family-style (sit down), depending upon your requirements. Since there are no waiters or waitresses in the Camp, aside from those whom you might assign from your group, many event leaders opt for buffet-style.

Our Dining Room

Our main Dining facility is equipped to seat up to 400 comfortably. It is recommended that, if you are bringing children to the Camp, a staff member or adult be assigned to sit at each table.

If you are serving family style, we will set out plates, flatware, glasses, etc., at the end of each table. Many groups assign people to arrive early to the meal to set tables.

At the end of the meal, everyone is asked to bus their own tables, and wipe the table tops before leaving the Dining Room.

Our Kitchen Staff

Our kitchen team stands ready to cater special meals, snacks, and parties for your group. Almost anything is possible with enough advance notice. We will work with you to develop a price for any “specials” you may want. We will also accommodate your groups on special allergy- or health-related diets. Just be sure to let us know your dietary needs in advance!

Sample Menus

Please contact Christine Reiter for ideas on sample menus for your group: creiter@urj.org.