Sports & Recreation Facilities

Spend the day hiking on our 500 acres of land or playing on one of our two sports fields. Relax at our pool or in one of our air-conditioned meeting spaces. Or simply spend the day enjoying views of our rolling hills in the sunny weather.

Athletic Facilities

Want to plan a softball or ultimate Frisbee game with your group? Our sports facilities include two side-by-side outdoor basketball courts, and two large grass-covered fields. We also have three Ga-Ga pits. (Also called dodgeball, Octo-Ball and Panda Ball, Ga-Ga is a dodgeball-like game played with one ball.)

Adventure Mountain (only available on a seasonal basis)

Our adventure facilities include an alpine climbing tower, a low ropes course and a 400-feet zipline.

Hiking Trails

Camp Newman is situated on 500 acres that are criss-crossed by scores of hiking trails. Favorites include the Enchanted Forest hike and the short climb to our Star overlooking our camp.

Arts Facilities

Camp Newman offers two spaces that are ideal for art activities:

Indoor-Outdoor Art Area

Right in the center of camp and adjacent to our multi-purpose hall (The Beit Am) is an indoor-outdoor arts area. It’s the perfect space for hosting activities like pottery, painting, tie dying and other crafts.

Wasserman Hagigah Building

This three-room building is the perfect spot for activities ranging from drama and dance, to silk painting and stained glass making.

Our Pool

Our pool and adjacent water slide are always a big hit. And there’s plenty of space to lounge poolside under our shaded tents or in the sun. Changing and bathroom facilities are conveniently located right next to the pool.