How to Use CampInTouch Registration System

How to Register Using CampInTouch

Please note: To register for NFTY programs, click on your NFTY page for more information. To register for Year-Round events, click here.

CampInTouch is a secure registration system. You must complete the registration process in one session. It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You will not be able to save and restart an online application later.

* Please note that some year-round events use an external ticket vendor. Check the website page for that event for further details.

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Your Visa or Mastercard if paying online.
  • Emergency contact names and phone numbers.

How to Login to CampInTouch


You already have a CampInTouch account if you registered for Fall Camp 2014, viewed summer 2014 pictures or sent camper emails. Use your CampInTouch login to register a new camper or a returning camper. (If you don’t remember your login, click “Retrieve/SetPassword” on the login page to recover it.)

NEW FAMILIES Click here to register or click the Register Now button – and then create a new account with your email and a password of your choice.

Register now!

Please make sure to save your login information for future use!

To Register More Than One Child

After registering your first child and reach the final “Application Submitted” screen, click the “Begin New Application” link. All the information for your first child will be saved as you begin the application for your next child.

Who Is the Primary Parent/Guardian?

The application will assign the person completing the online form as “Primary” parent/guardian and this person will have the main login for the account. You can add additional parents/guardian contact information and email addresses to the account, but the camp will consider the “Primary” person as the main point of contact by default.

Making Payments

PAYING FOR YEAR-ROUND EVENT: Payment is processed upon acceptance of your registration. If you are receiving a scholarship from a temple for a year-round event, that amount will be applied after you register and then you will be charged the difference (if any).

PAYING A SUMMER CAMP DEPOSIT: You will need to pay a deposit (Regular campers $400; Avodah/CIT $500) for summer camp sessions and pay in full for year-round programs such as retreats or NFTY events. If you can’t pay online with a Visa or Mastercard, mail a deposit check to URJ Camp Newman, 711 Grand Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901. Deposits need to be received before enrollment can be confirmed.

PAYING SUMMER CAMP BALANCE: All fees are due by May 17, 2019 and must be paid according to the payment option plan chosen in the camper application. An explanation of payment options can be found in the Terms of Enrollment. Note: If you have applied for scholarships, you will receive an award notifications in early May and we will adjust your final balance accordingly.After your application is accepted, you can visit your online account to make payments of any amount at any time before May 17, 2019.

If You Don't Receive an Email Confirmation

Please note that communications sent from or through CampInTouch to Gmail email addresses often get filtered to a spam folder. Please check your spam folder following registration if you do not receive a confirmation of enrollment.


If the chosen session is full, you will be contacted by our office within 3-5 business days to confirm placing your child on a waitlist. A deposit is not charged while the camper is on a wait list.

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IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: Or experience any technical issues registering online, please contact our Registrar, Kim Press at or 415-991-0259.