We are thrilled to introduce you to… your head counselors! Also known as Rashim, these counselors will be your primary contacts in case you have any questions about your camper while they’re at camp. If you need to reach them, please call our main camp line at 707-571-7657.

Giborim / 3rd & 4th graders – Beto Salazaar

Beto Salazaar

Now in his chai (18th) year at camp, Beto Salazaar has truly come full circle – starting as a camper in the youngest session himself, he’s now the Rosh Eidah for Giborim! Beto is most excited to “teach a new generation of campers just like me to fall in love with camp the way I did.” Fun facts about Beto? He speaks 2-1/2 languages: English, Spanish and is studying Hebrew. And he has a cute sidekick: his dog, Diego.


Chayim / 5th & 6th graders – Brett Weisman & Rebekah Sherman

Brett Weisman

We’re thrilled to bring you Brett Weisman as our new Chayim Rosh Eidah! Fun fact about Brett: “I used to be a driver and concierge for A List celebrities – like Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani – who would come to perform in Columbus, Ohio!” Brett just spent his first year of rabbinic education in Israel along with his wife. He enjoys music, playing guitar, hiking, and lucky for him given Camp’s surroundings, the great outdoors!

Rebekah Sherman

Rebekah Sherman can’t wait to be back as a Rosh Eidah for Chayim for her 11th summer at Camp Newman! Rebekah’s fun fact (and not-so-secret superpower): “I can make at least 7 different kinds of balloon animals!” She’s from Orange County, CA, a senior at University of Puget Sound in Washington – and is looking forward to an amazing summer at camp.



Kallah/ 7th & 8th graders – Rachel Altfeld & Daniel Bernstein 

Rachel Altfeld

Rachel Altfeld is thrilled to be here for her second summer on staff and can’t wait to meet the wonderful campers of Kallah as their Rosh Eidah! All the way from Jackson, Tennessee, Rachel graduated last May from the University of Arizona and was a Traveling Educational Consultant for Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority last year.

Daniel Bernstein

Daniel Bernstein has been at camp for years – just not Newman! While he spent the last 10 summers at Gindling Hilltop Camp and Camp Hess Kramer, he is so excited to experience his first summer at Camp Newman – and finally try an “Its-It” and have another camp that he can call home. He has lots of fun facts to share:

1. I bite into kiwis when I eat them, skin and all!

2. I have a photographic memory

3. I’ve been stung by a stingray

4. I love making lists!

Lev Reuven in one of her many pajamas

Alufim / 9th & 10th graders – Lev Reuven

This is Lev Reuven’s 5th summer on staff at camp – and she’s super excited for her Alufim campers to arrive. Lev is from Qiryat Atta, a town in Northern Israel near Haifa, and is starting nursing school at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in October. Lev’s fun facts: She worked and lived at camp year-round for two years, and she has a huge collection of pajamas … and you may see a few of them this summer!


Kochavim / 9th-12th graders – Emma Jaszczak

Now starring as the Rosh Eidah (unit head) for Kochavim … Emma Jaszczak! Hailing from Tampa, Florida, she just returned from 2 years living in Israel where she volunteered teaching English and studying Jewish Education at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion – and while doing so, became an Israeli citizen! She has been working night and day preparing an incredible theater arts program for all of you – and can’t wait for you to arrive!