Our Staff Truly C.A.R.E. About Your Child!

Each summer, URJ Camp Newman hires, trains, mentors and supports ~200 staff who are charged with making sure your camper has the very best camp experience possible. Our staff are the heart and soul of Camp Newman. More than just staff, they are Israelis, camp alumni, doctors and nurses, rabbinical students, Jewish educators, and clergy. They are mentors and friends to your camper, focused on giving your camper their best summer ever!

During their training with us, they learn to frame everything they do around a philosophy of C.A.R.E.:

  • Community – Everything we do at camp revolves around creating a kehillah kedoshah, holy community.
  • Acceptance – We celebrate and accept one another for being unique individuals, embodying the Jewish value V’ahavta l’reiecha kamocha, love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:18).
  • Role Modeling – From our youngest camper to our most senior staff, each person at camp has something to teach others and the ability to role model. Aseh lecha rav u’kne lecha chaver, make for yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend (Pirkei Avot 1:6)
  • Each and Every One – Every member of our community has unique wants, needs, aspirations, fears, and dreams. Each of us is an individual created b’tzelem elohim, in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26)

When our team apply these values, campers learn compassion, acceptance, integrity, teamwork, how to create meaningful friendships, and so much more.

We liken our summer staff to a tree – our Shoresh (the “roots”), Directors, Rabbis, Cantors and Educators support a team of Geza specialists and unit heads (the “stems”) who in turn support our campers, the leaves.

We invite you to get to know them below!

Shoresh & Director Team

Executive Director, Ruben Arquilevich, San Anselmo, CA

Ruben Arquilevich’s role as Executive Director encompasses Camp Newman summer programs, NFTY-CWR, and all new year-round programming. Working with our incredible leadership team, Ruben is strategically transforming and guiding Camp Newman into a center for year-round youth engagement—extending the magic of summer throughout the year!

Ruben has been a camp director since 1987, serving as the head camp director of URJ Camp Newman since 1994. Ruben has an MBA in non-profit management and a minor in Jewish studies from the University of Judaism. He has a BA in Psychology from The Colorado College and is a Wexner Fellow.

Ruben believes that Jewish camping enriches lives by securing Jewish identity, providing lifelong friendships and role models, and creating an environment for growth. He is passionate about the outdoors and the role that nature plays in creating community and inner peace. Ruben lives in Northern California with his wife Vivien and children Jonah, Max and Maia.

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Camp Director, Rabbi Erin Mason, Belmont, CA

Rabbi Erin oversees all of Camp Newman’s summer operations and directly supports Camp Newman’s Assistant and Associate Directors. She brings over 15 years of experience as a Jewish professional to this position. She fully believes in the power of Jewish camp to inspire a love of Judaism, allow campers and staff alike to believe in themselves, and to become their best selves.

Erin has been passionate about Jewish camp since she was 10-years-old. After graduating from The University of Texas in 2000, she was an assistant camp director at URJ Greene Family Camp and was a regional youth director for the North American Federation of Temple Youth. While in rabbinical school, Erin directed Gindling Hilltop Camp in Malibu.

Ordained as a rabbi in 2010 from Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion, Erin also received master’s degrees in Jewish Education and Hebrew Letters. She is among the first class of the Mandel Fellowship for rabbinic-education students, an experience that allowed her to explore what it means to create, implement, and sustain Jewish institutional visioning and change. This past spring, Erin was honored to receive the Helen Diller Family Award for Excellence in Informal Jewish Education.

As a rabbinical student, Erin served Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles as an intern, Congregation Shaareth Israel in Lubbock, Texas as student rabbi, and Chaverim, an organization that serves developmentally disabled adults.

Rabbi Erin lives in northern California with Michael and their children Zachary, Eliza, and Aviva.

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Associate Camp Director, Rabbi Allie Fischman, Richmond, CA

Rabbi Allie collaborates with Rabbi Erin Mason and Mikey Latner to plan and oversee Camp Newman’s summer daily operations.

Rabbi Allie joined the Camp Newman community in 2012 as a Rosh Eidah (Unit Head) and has since filled the roles of CIT Director and Staff Week Coordinator. She has been a songleader and teacher in the Chicago suburbs and the Los Angeles Reform Jewish communities since 2000. In 2012, Allie was awarded a Masters in Jewish Education from the Rhea Hirsch School of Education at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion and was ordained as Rabbi by HUC-JIR in May 2015.

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Senior Assistant Director, Mikey Latner, Oakland, CA

Mikey collaborates with Rabbi Erin Mason and Rabbi Allie Fischman to plan and oversee Camp Newman’s summer daily operations.

Mikey joined the Camp Newman team during the 2014 Summer. From 2010 to 2013 Mikey worked as the full-time Program Director at Camp Poyntelle Lewis Village, a residential camp based in New York City. Mikey grew up as a camper, counselor, lifeguard, Ropes Course Director, Head Counselor, and CIT Director at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps in Malibu, CA. Mikey graduated with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Wheaton College (MA) in 2010. An avid rock climber and skier, Mikey is excited to spend his summers under the Newman sun.

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CIT Director / NFTY CWR Regional Advisor, Sierra Meszaros, Oakland, CA

Sierra is currently serving as the NFTY Central Western Region, Regional Advisor and is extremely excited to head into her second summer at camp! Throughout the year Sierra works with teen leaders to build high quality Jewish programming for their peers, creating spaces for teens throughout the region to continue to grow as leaders and as young Jews. Sierra is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, where she grew up as a member at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills, but in recent years has come to call the small Northern Nevada town of Genoa her new home town. She has long had a passion for the Jewish community which has manifested itself in various ways over the years, beginning as a TYG member, later becoming a youth educator, and TYG advisor. Sierra cannot wait to work with CIT 2018, and to see a new set of Camp Newman leaders bring the magic and wonder to camp!

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Avodah Director / Director of Teen Engagement, Samara Leader, Westwood, CA

Samara is in her eighth year working for the URJ and has spent 18 summers at Camp Newman! Samara’s collaborative Camp Newman and NFTY role allows her to oversee the implementation of year-round teen programming. In this capacity, she meets with youth professionals, educators, and clergy, works to vision new and innovative teen experiences, and supports the NFTY Central West and NFTY SOCAL Regional Directors. She also serves in an integrated role onsite at Camp Newman during the summers.

Samara spent several summers at 6 Points Sports Academy in North Carolina and served as Youth Education Program Coordinator at Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills. She graduated from UCLA and earned a Certificate in Jewish Education specializing in adolescents and emerging adults from Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion. Her favorite camp activities include Ultimate Frisbee, Israeli dance, and engaging in friendly competition with others to see who can take the most steps in a typical camp day.

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Education Director, Julie Bressler, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Camp Newman! My name is Julie Bressler and I am so excited to be the Education Director at Camp Newman this summer. I attended Camp Newman and Camp Swig as a camper from 1997-2003 and then returned as a Rosh Eidah and Teen Camp Director from 2014-2016. I am about to begin my last year of rabbinical school at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles and received a Masters in Jewish Education from HUC as well. I love the opportunity to create meaningful Jewish moments and to help others discover different avenues for connection to Judaism, and I believe camp is one of the best places for these experiences. To me, being a mensch means leading from your heart. It means taking the extra time to get to know someone, helping out without being asked, and being kind to everyone you meet. I look forward to building a community of mensches at camp this summer!

Program Director, Rosh Mishlachat, Bar Youker, Givatayim, Israel

Hi, my name is Bar Youker. I’m 24 years old and a 3rd year shlicha at Camp Newman. This year, I am the program director and the Rosh Mishlachat – the head of our Israeli delegation. I grew up in Israel, in a city called Givataym. My family is secular, but we’re still having “Kidush” every Friday night and celebrate the Jewish holidays. In the army, I served as an education officer in charge of the educational component of combats missions.

A mensch for me is a person that always pushes himself to be a better person – nicer, more generous, humble, and responsible. Being a mensch for me is a decision a person can make, and try to reach for during his all life.

Development Assoc. & Rosh Logistics, Martee Fischman

Introduction coming soon…

Nefesh Director, Rachel Dubowe, Agoura Hills, CA

Hi, my name is Rachel Dubowe and I am Camp Newman’s Nefesh Director this summer! I was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles. I am a proud product of NFTY SOCAL and URJ Kutz Camp. I just received my Masters in Jewish Education from the Rhea Hirsch School of Education at Hebrew Union College in May. Previous to attending HUC, I studied at UC Davis and received a B.S in Human Development.

I believe strongly in the power of summer camp and am so excited to be at Newman for my 3rd summer in a row! Being a mensch means being patient, positive, empathetic and respectful towards yourself, others and the world around you. Can’t wait to welcome your camper to camp!

Summer Administrator, Chris Wedner, Los Altos, CA

Hi my name is Christine Wedner. I am a mother of four: 15, 12, 10 and 6. Our children have been coming to Camp Newman for the past 4 years. Last year I had the fortunately pleasure of running Camp Katan and now understand the magic of camp. The experience I had last year with all of our children was priceless and we are looking forward to creating more magical memories. This year, I will be the Summer Administrator and am excited for the opportunity to learn even more about Camp Newman and create more moments to remember.

To me a mensch is someone who is authentic, kind, loyal and honest.


Other Full Time Team

Facilities Director, Stewart Dalie
Development Operations Director, Tracey Klapow
Bookkeeper, Cheryl Lazar
Registrar, Kim Press
Development Associate, Dana Washofsky
Director of Marketing and Communications, Alaina Yoakum

Geza Team / Rashim (Unit Heads)

Rosh Eidah, Beto Salazar Poss, San Francisco, CA

Rosh, Rishonim, Nitzanim & Giborim

Howdy! My name is Beto and I am so excited to be spending my 19th summer with the Camp Newman community on the bay in Vallejo! It’s such a blessing to be part of this Kehillah Kedosha year after year. Being a mensch means being an all-around good person who goes out of their way to help others. A mensch is a role model, a friend, a mentor, and confidant. I hope to be all of these to my campers and staff and look forward to having a deep impact on the community that has given so much to me.

Rosh Hagigah / NFTY SOCAL Regional Advisor, Lily Gottlieb, North Hollywood, CA

Rosh, Hagigah

Lily is an educator, artist and experienced youth professional. With a knack for creating accessible, meaningful, and fun activities, Lily has a long history of developing a variety of youth and arts education programs for Camp Newman and within the NFTY SOCAL community. She has been a member of the Newman professional team since 2016 and has spent the last six summers with Camp Newman, including one summer as a Madricha for NFTY’s Israel Adventure teen tour. Born and raised in Los Angeles and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts, Lily is excited to be back at camp this summer as the Rosh for Hagigah!

“To me, being a mensch means listening to others, being open to learning from your own mistakes and always attempting kindness. I think an “extra mensch” is someone who is able to lift others up through their own self-confidence.”

Rosh Eidah, Eden Friedman, Sacramento, CA

Rosh, Shoshanim, Chalutzim & Hevrah

During the year I’m a youth director and a server in a restaurant. I had the joy of being a Rosh at camp last year and am excited to be returning. Being a mensch is one of my favorite Jewish concepts! I think a mensch is a person who strives to be honorable and kind. Camp is the best place in the world to learn how to be a mensch.

Rosh Eidah, Morgan Folger, Sacramento, CA

Rosh, Bonim & Mechina

Hi! I am currently a student at UC Santa Barbara double majoring in English and Religious Studies. Outside of class, I am on the student board at Hillel, serve as chapter president of SAEPi, a national Jewish sorority, and work as a 5th grade religious school teacher at Congregation B’nai B’rith in Santa Barbara. I have been working at Camp Newman for the past three summers, the first two as a general counselor and the third as an advisor in the CIT program. To me, being a mensch means going beyond what is expected of you to help others and doing so with an open mind, positive attitude, and an intention to do the most good regardless of whether it will benefit you.

Rosh Eidah, Danielle Tishkoff Chidester, Berkeley, CA

Rosh, Rishonim & Etzim

I attend Scripps College, which is part of the Claremont Colleges Consortium in Southern California. I study Humanities, Spanish, and Latin American Studies, and am currently studying abroad in Granada, Spain. On my college campus, I play on a frisbee team, volunteer with organizations such as Challah for Hunger, and work at a student-run, non-profit coffee shop. When I’m not doing work for my classes, I enjoy hiking, running, hanging out with friends and family, cooking, eating vegetarian food, and going to coffee shops. This will be my 14th summer at camp which is pretty cool! Camp for me is smoritas (smores with pita bread,) dancing and eating challah on Shabbat, feeling connected to past generations through song sessions and countdowns, laughing under the stars, and of course so much more that can’t be put into words. Camp has given me so much: a love of nature and Judaism, and the ability to feel, embrace, and cherish the connections and relationships in my life. I’m looking forward to returning to camp and embracing new beginnings and experiences with our community! To me, being a mensch means recognizing your individual passions and strengths, and using those passions to enhance and improve the lives of people in your local and global community. Being a mensch is also filling people up, and giving them a warm, happy feeling inside!

Rosh Eidah, Josh Cuttler, San Diego, CA

Rosh, Tzofim, Gesher, Nitzanim, Chayim

I recently (this past December) graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV- go rebels!) with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences. Since graduating, I have called San Diego my home and currently work primarily at the Jewish Teen Initiative in San Diego as a Data Administrator. In addition, I spend most of my free time outside- surfing, hiking, and playing basketball. My experience with camp goes far back- all the way to attending a day camp in Sacramento, California at age six. After a few years attending day camp, some of my closest friends from my synagogue told me about Camp Newman, and that summer was my first of three as a camper at Newman; Shoshanim, Shomrim, and Rishonim. After my final year as a camper and time away from summer camps, I then worked at a day camp for two summers as a counselor. Following those two summers, I realized how much I miss Jewish overnight camp; so I became a counselor at another Jewish overnight camp. At that camp I held roles as a counselor, head programmer 7th-10th grade campers. However, after many long years away from the camp that made such an impact on who I am- I came to the realization to return to where I began overnight summer camp. Couldn’t be more excited for this summer! To me, being a mensch isn’t necessarily one specific act of doing a good deed; but a continuous display of being a good person. That means regularly displaying values of a good person, with any combination of values that include but aren’t limited to: integrity, honor, compassion, kindness, responsible, etc..

Rosh Eidah, Alana Green, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Rosh, Shomrim, Kesher & Kallah

I am graduating from the University of Oregon this June and hopefully will be working as a youth professional somewhere in the Jewish world next year! Summer 2018 will be my fourth summer on staff and my first summer on Geza, so you could say the absolute LEAST I am is totally psyched! To me, being a mensch is always going out of your way to see how you can be of help to people in your community – everyone always loves a help!

Rosh Eidah, Roy Druker

Rosh, Bogrim, Machon, Ayalim, & Alufim

I mainly traveled in the past year and had tests for the university. Before that i was in camp for the first time as a general instructor and it was great. I can’t wait to be the Rosh for our 9th & 10th grade campers this summer!

Rosh Eidah, Jenna Barasch

Rosh, Shoshanim, Chalutzim & Chaverim

Hi! I’m Jenna and I’m so excited to be joining the staff at Camp Newman this summer! I grew up in the Bay Area, but this is my first time attending Newman! I’m a newly credentialed elementary school teacher, and I love spending my free time at baseball games, hanging out with my dog, Ginny, and traveling! To me, being a mensch means going above and beyond what is expected of you. As human beings, it is our job to be considerate to people and to the earth, but I think if we each took it a step further and were mensches about it, be it giving a high-five to someone who looks lonely instead of just smiling, or picking up trash that fell out of the trash can instead of just putting yours in, our world would be a lot kinder of a place.

Assistant Rosh Eidah, Raina Scherer, Novato, CA

Assistant Rosh, Hagigah, Nitzanim & Chayim

Introduction coming soon…

Assistant Rosh Eidah, Eli Burg, Petaluma, CA

Assistant Rosh, Rishonim, Kesher & Kallah

I’m a rising junior at San Francisco State University, dual majoring in Modern Jewish Studies and Recreation, Parks and Tourism. I love going to concerts and am in Alpha Epsilon Pi. This summer will be my 14th at Camp and I couldn’t be more excited! Being a mensch to me means being a pal and going out of your way to help others out regardless of if its for a good friend or a complete stranger.

Assistant Rosh Eidah, Adi Azoulai, San Diego, CA

Assistant Rosh, Tzofim, Gesher & Maccabiah

Hi everyone, my name is Adi! During the year I am a student at UC Berkeley and I just finished my sophomore year. I am also involved with Hillel and am on the Executive Board of my sorority. I have spent 7 years at a Jewish sleepaway camp and will be spending my 8th summer here at Newman! Of those 7 years, I spent 1 as a CIT and 2 as a counselor. I can’t wait to be an Assistant Rosh Eidah this summer! To me, being a mensch means helping others as much as you can. Whether that means lending a helping hand or listening to them talk about their favorite thing, it’s being a person that others can rely on!

Rosh Camp Katan, Raya Magat, San Jose, CA

Hi my name is Raya Magat, I’m currently enrolled at De Anza Community College in Cupertino. I work at Temple Emanu-El in San Jose as a 6th grade/Dalet Hebrew teacher, and I was also the temple youth group advisor. This is my 3rd year working at camp Newman, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring camp and our home to a new location this summer. To me a mensch means a good and righteous person. The best way I could describe the characteristics of a mensch is to describe the parts of a Lulav (willow, myrtle, palm and etrog) and the body parts they associate with (mouth, eyes, spine and heart) for the holiday of Sukkot. A mensch speaks with respect and kindness to everyone they meet. A mensch will see the world through no biases and will see everyone as equal. A mensch also has to be strong with their morals and ethics to help them best act and impact this world. Lastly but not least a mensch must have a good and loving heart so they are able to forgive the worst of wrongs and be able to care for and love anyone.

Rosh Teva, Talia Zankman, San Francisco, CA

Hi! I’m Talia Zankman and excited to be working at camp this summer! I am a student at Northeastern University and just spent the last five months interning in Tel Aviv. I’m also an ice skating enthusiast, dog walker, traveller, and lover of the outdoors. This is my third year staffing at Camp Newman, and my eighth summer here. I believe that with unconditional care and love for ourselves and for other people, the qualities of a mensch — honesty, respect, and compassion — naturally fall into place.

Rosh Sport, Eli Pollack, Greensboro, NC

Hi my name is Eli Pollack, and I will be your rosh sport for the summer! I just finished my second year of the fellowship at The American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina. There I worked in the office of institutional advancement as well as coached 3 varsity sports (boys and girls soccer as well as boys basketball). Before the academy, I attended The University of Pittsburgh majoring in Public Service with a minor in history and certificate of Jewish Studies. Sports has always been a huge part of my life, and I really can’t wait to have a great summer filled with sports here at Newman! Being a mench to me means being a role model and an active leader in your community. Standing up for what is right and what you believe in is a big part of leadership. I am so excited to meet all of you!

Rosh Omanut, Yarden Nuriel, Ramat Hakovesh, Israel

Omanut Shalom! I’m Yarden Nuriel and I am going to be the Rosh Omanut (head of art department) for the summer. I am from a Kibbutz in the center of Israel (the Sharon area) called Ramat-Hakovesh, I just finished my 3 years of Military service in the IAFI (Israeli Air Force Intelligence) in December.

In my spare time I like to draw and read, but my main focus is Makeup Artistry. For the last few years before the military I used to be a professional makeup artist for brides and fashion photo shoots and I am so excited to use my art skills this summer!

Rosh Shira, Eitan Strauss-Cohn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Introduction coming soon…

CIT Advisors

Emily Arkin, San Diego, CA
Kara Fleishhacker, San Francisco, CA
Gabe Melmed, Denver, CO

Avodah Advisors

Holden Arquilevich, Ojai, CA
Rudy Brandt, Berkeley, CA
Josh Burg, Petaluma, CA
Matt Ghan, San Jose, CA
Elana Hershman, Millbrae, CA
Natalie Wight, Merced, CA


Medical Advisory Council Members

Roberta Bavin, DNP, CPNP (Fresno, CA)
Greg Hirsch, M.D. (San Diego, CA)

Nefesh Staff

Nefesh Staff, Hannah Fox, Burlingame, CA

Hi Everyone! My name is Hannah and I am heading into my senior year at the University of Denver where I study psychology and I am part of DU’s Pioneer Leadership Program. Besides school, you can catch me skiing, baking, and going on adventures with my friends. I have always loved attending camp and the community it has to offer. Throughout high school I attended many of the BBYO camps and for the past couple years, I have worked as a counselor or intern at various summer programs. My favorite part of camp is the song sessions; I am looking forward to them this summer! Being a mensch to me means being a person who goes out of their way to do good for others without looking for recognition. A mensch is known for their random acts of kindness!

Nefesh Staff, Braydon Henry, San Jose, CA

Hi my name is Braydon Henry, I am a full-time Student at Mission College and a part time worker at the Olive Garden restaurant. I serve as a co-advisor for the youth group EESY (Emanu-El Senior Youth) as well as a Madrich for my religious school on Sundays. I started going to Camp Newman as a NFTYite in 8th grade and continued NFTY throughout high school. After I graduated I became more involved staffing year- round events and eventually joined the staff for summer 2016-17. Camp Newman has had an great impact on me that I will always remember, and hopefully I will be able to make a good impact on the future generations of campers soon to come. As someone who has had experience working with many age groups and in different environments, I realize being a mensch is a characteristic that you should always strive for. A mensch, to me, means being a role model and a good person, and what that means is being an example for your peers, people in the community and to me that is what makes up a good person.

Nefesh Staff, Rebekah Sherman, Irvine, CA

I am graduating from the University of Puget Sound in May, and starting in August 2018, I will be working as a Student Life Associate at American Hebrew Academy in Greensboro, NC. – We say, “Camp is life, the rest is just details”– and it’s really true! This will be my 12th summer at Camp Newman, and even when I’m not at camp, I’m always thinking and talking about camp. Camp has shaped my identity as a Jewish individual and leader and has inspired me to pursue a career in Jewish education. To me, being a mensch means to give more than you take, to care so deeply for others that you are committed to helping without expecting anything in return. It is so important for people to show each other compassion and empathy, and that’s what being a mensch is all about.

Medical Staff

Medical Assistant, Barb Honiberg, Phoenix, AZ
Medical Assistant, Laura Russinsky, Bakersfield, CA
Infirmary Assistant, Edali Henandez Palacios, Houston, TX
Infirmary Assistant, Ellie Sternfeld, Santa Rosa, CA

Rabbis, Cantors & Educators

Session 1A
Rabbi Stephanie Kramer, Congregation Shomrei Torah, Santa Rosa, CA
Rabbi Rick Winer, Temple Beth Israel, Fresno
Rabbi Paul Kipnes, Congregation Or Ami, CA
Rabbi Steven Chester, Temple Sinai, Oakland
Rabbi Laura Novak Winer, HUC-JIR, Fresno
Ms Debi Rowe, Temple Beth El, San Pedro, CA
Rabbi Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik, on faculty for the past 11 years, CA
Rabbi Howard Laibson, Congregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood, CA
Rabbi Rebecca Gutterman, Congregation B’nai Tikvah, Walnut Creek, CA

Session 1B
Rabbi Lara Regev, Congregation Rodef Sholom, San Rafael, CA
Rabbi Yoni Regev, Temple Sinai, Oakland, CA
Cantor Paul Buch, Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, CA
Cantor Ilan Davidson, Temple Beth El, San Pedro, ca
Educator Sharon Brown, Temple Israel, Long Beach CA
Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Temple Beth El, Bakersfield, CA
Rabbi Lisa Delson, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Burlingame, CA
Rabbi Larry Milder, Congregation Beth Emek, Pleasanton
Rabbi Nancy Myers, Temple Beth David, Westminster
Cantor Sara Hass, Temple Israel, Long Beach, CA
Cantor Ross Wolman, Temple Chai, Phoenix, AZ

Session 2A
Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz, Temple Beth Israel, Pomona, CA
Rabbi Ryan Bauer, Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA
Rabbi Mona Alfi, Cong. B’nai Israel, Sacramento, CA
Cantor Arik Luck, Congregation Emanu-El , San Francisco
Educator Lisa Langer, Beth Am/URJ, Menlo Park, CA
Rabbi David Young, Congregation B’nai Tzedek, Fountain Valley, CA
Cantor Natalie Young, Temple BethvEl of South Orange County, Aliso Viejo
Rabbi Jim Kaufman, Temple Beth Hillel, North Hollywood
Rabbi Dana Magat, Temple Emanu-El, San Jose
Rabbi Heath Watenmaker, Congregation Beth Am, Los Altos Hills, CA

Session 2B
Rabbi Nicki Greninger, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, CA
Rabbi Daniel Feder, Burlingame, CA, Senior Rabbi
Rabbi Karen Sherman, Temple Etz Rimon, Carlsbad, CA
Rabbi Jonathan Prosnit, Los Altos, Rabbi
Rabbi Alan Henkin, CCAR, Palmdale CA
Educator Jessie Shamout, Los Angeles, CA, Director of Jewish Education
Rabbi PJ Schwartz, Congregation Shir Hadash, Los Gatos, CA
Rabbi Jim Kaufman, Temple Beth Hillel, North Hollywood
Rabbi Nico Socolovsky, Temple Beth Tikvah, Fullerton, CA
Rabbi Nancy Wechsler, Congregation Beth Shalom, Carmichael, California

Counselor Specialists

Art, Nevo Korakin
Art, Ayala Tubiana
Art, Hannah Yungman, La Mirada, CA
Art, Noah Goldstein, Orinda, CA
Art Staff, Dylan Barash, Gilbert, AZ
Art Staff, Chloe Greenstein, Palo Alto, CA
Dance (Hagigah Dance), Giselle Nissenbaum, Los Angeles, CA
Jude‘s Nanny, Sarah McKenzie, San Rafael, CA
Katan Staff, Abby Maneloveg, Danville, CA
Obstacle Course & Fitness Instructor, Kayla Arquilevich, Stevenson Ranch, CA
Science Instructor, Rachel Mellman, Burlingame, CA
Science Instructor, Noam Siegel, San Mateo, CA
Scout, Gil Reich, Netanya, Israel
Scout, Yael Cytryn, Modiin, Israel
Songleader, Arie Finkelstein, Salinas, CA
Songleader, Mira Brynjegard-Bialik, Castaic, CA
Songleader, Melissa Green, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Songleader, Ellie Sherman, Irvine, CA
Sports, Hayden Mackey, San Jose, CA
Sports, Zachary Creinin, Davis, CA
Sports, Omri Hurwitz,
Sports, Oren Lotwe,
Sports, Ron Manasherov,
Sports, Yarden Peleg,
Sports, Elliot Raskin, Sacramento, CA
Sports, Jennifer Riekes, Burbank, CA
Teva, Oriyan Friedman, Qirat Yam, Israel
Teva, Jacob “Hershey” Hershman, Millbrae, CA
Teva, Becca Orsbern, Foothill Ranch, CA
Teva, Matt Permut, Los Altos, CA
Teva, Sophia Perry, Long Beach, CA
Teva, Or Vaknin, Kefar Weradim, Hazafon, Israel
Teva Staff, Jeremy Goldberg, San Diego, CA
Theater Instructor, Claire Jacobs, Sebastopol, CA
Video Instructor, Ben Schwartz, Sacramento, CA
Volleyball, Raya Corren, San Francisco, CA
Photography Instructor, Landon Breite-Pessot, San Diego, CA
Dance, Margeaux Wolberg, San Francisco, CA
Den Mother, Noa Kazaz, Holon, Israel
International Katan Staff, Neve Grant, Bushney, England
International Sports, Robyn Dunne, Ayr, Ireland
Program Assistant, Volunteer, Ethan Epstein, Hidden Hills, CA


Elyssa Alfi, Burlingame, CA
Tom Apelbaum, Rishon Letziyon, Israel
Michaela Asher, Phoenix, AZ
Alex Bennett, Berkeley, CA
Ethan Blyn, Phoenix, AZ
Bill Braker, San Jose, CA
Ethan Cameron, Woodland Hills, CA
Rachel Chancellor, Sacramento, CA
Morgan Denker, San Rafael, CA
Rebecca Ezersky, Burlingame, CA
Sara Fassler, Granite Bay, CA
Ellie Feder, Burlingame, CA
Stav Fichman, Even Yehuda, Israel
Adam Friedman, Mill Valley, CA
Amanda Front, Woodland Hills, CA
Kevin Gibson Weinberger, Los Angeles, CA
Emma Goldner, Pleasanton, CA
Allison Granet, Redwood City, CA
Annabel Grunwald, Livermore, CA
Madi Gubner, Laguna Niguel, CA
Emma Hilt, San Francisco, CA
Ethan Hobbs, Phoenix, AZ
Abigail Jeffers, Grover Beach, CA
Levi Kaplan, Redding, CA
Madison Koumelis, Roseville, CA
Nili Levi
Hannah Marcus, San Carlos, CA
Tal Mizrahi, Nir Zevi, Israel
Brooke Moorhead, Los Gatos, CA
Gil Ofer, Palmachim, Israel
Amit Oren, Rishon LeZion, Israel
Tali Perluss, Los Angeles, CA
Luca Perr, San Francisco, CA
Zoey Pittler, Los Angeles, CA
Josef Presberg, Oakland, CA
Lucas Rosenberg, San Mateo, CA
Gigi Rutsky, Menlo Park, CA
Gabby Sandman, Pleasant Hill, CA
Nathan Sutton, Walnut Creek, CA
Breia Travis, Sacramento, CA
Ethan Wellerstein, Lafayette, CA
Jonah Wiener-Brodkey, Sacramento, CA
Jordan Yanowitz, Santa Cruz, CA
Ivy Yeoh, Honolulu, Hawaii
Shaina Zins, Danville, CA
Joey House, Phoenix. AZ
Becca Paskowitz, Davis, CA
Drew Ehrlich, Burlingame, CA
Lily Rothbardt, Auburn, CA
Ben Gardner, Burlingame, CA
Nathan Kertz, San Rafael, CA
Hannah Reback, Oakland, CA
Sam Shear, Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Kemerov, Minsk, Belarus
Cole Bloomfield, Piedmont, CA
Noah Heise, Ukiah, CA
Omer Siegel, San Mateo, CA
Evan Rosen, Houston, TX
Asya Artikaslan, Ashland, OR
Josh Cohen, Corte Madera, CA
Ellie Fisher, Redwood City, CA
Mollie Kraus, Redwood City, CA

Summer Marketing Team

Delaney Stock, Ahwatukee, AZ
Haley Rose, Livermore, CA
Olivia Smith, Belmont, CA