6 Points SciTech Academy

6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

Campers learn collaboration and problem-solving skills in designing their video games.

Two campers look at cells under a microscope.

Where scientific inquiry meets fun!

At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy West, scientific inquiry meets fun! Campers entering grades 5-10 spend 12 days exploring robotics, video game design, environmental science, digital media, and a host of other fun activities in a friendly setting with campers who share similar interests.


Throughout their experience, campers explore what Judaism means to them—and how this complements their interests in science and technology. Our five core values shape our community: Heritage, Curiosity, Innovation, Radical Acceptance and Patience & Perseverance.  Campers gain an understanding of their place in the long history of the Jewish people’s contributions to science and technology, and build a strong connection to Israel as an incubator of innovation. 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy West is the Reform Jewish camp that curious minds have been waiting for.

Located just outside of Los Angeles on the campus of Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy West offers all of the advantages of a top-quality educational facility along with access to the best and brightest minds in the Jewish science and technology community.


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