Spring Camp 2017

Here’s a glimpse of all the fun, learning, friendship, Jewish fun and adventure we had at Spring Camp 2017



Friday Night

All the buses and cars have arrived! The fun has already started here at Spring Camp 2017. Campers were greeted by our singing staff and then enjoyed tours of camp followed by mixers where everyone got to know their new cabinmates.

After some bonding time, we are now joining as one community in the Chadar Ohel, our Dining Hall, for Shabbat blessings over the candles, wine and challah followed by a delicious dinner. On the menu tonight is our traditional Shabbat feast, a true camp favorite: roast chicken, eggplant tofu with tangy tomato sauce, huge mounds of rice, slices of warm pita, hummus, green beans, and of course, Tammy’s famous brownies!

After dinner, we will learn some new songs for Shabbat Shira – including the dance moves and hand movements – thanks to our amazing song leaders, musicians and counselors who will show us the way. Then we’ll dance!

Saturday Day

After a delicious breakfast, Spring Campers went to T’fillah, where counselors put on a skit about this week’s parsha, Ki Tisa about the Exodus. Our Spring Campers then spent the morning doing a variety of super fun activities, including playing soccer, arts and crafts projects, hide and seek, Legos, Gaga, and so much more. Take a look below! (And don’t forget – to see any picture close up, click on it.)

Here are some fun pics of lunch time:

But perhaps one of the biggest hits of the day was when our littlest Bonim campers were sent off to their cabins – running of the bulls style – to build massive cabin forts! Each cabin collaborated to choose a theme, build the fort, and decorate it with handmade art. Here’s a few of them!

(To see any picture close up, click on it.)

Saturday Evening

Last night, we ate dinner together in the Chadar, a delicious meal of spaghetti, meatballs, broccoli, salad bar and garlic bread sticks – and freshly baked cookies, of course!

Then, the kids – who had been practicing their skits, dances and routines all day – showcased their talents at our Talent Show! While we couldn’t tape every single routine in full, here are most of them:  https://vimeo.com/album/4484198

After the show, we gathered as one community to sing the Havdallah prayers and to end this last magical Spring Camp evening together with Siyuum.

Sunday Morning

This morning, we have even more camp activities planned and then will feed them a hearty lunch and show them our video all about Summer Camp:

Next, of course we’ll board the campers on their buses, cars and planes to return them to you – hopefully brimming with stories of new adventures had, new friends made and a love of Jewish camping. Thank you so much for sharing your Spring Campers with us! We hope to see them again at Summer Camp!

Thank you for sharing your kids with us at Spring Camp!