Newman Experience

Welcome to URJ Camp Newman!

At URJ Camp Newman, we’re building a foundation for a vibrant and joyful Jewish life. Rooted in Jewish values and guided by our experienced staff, we offer fun, immersive summer sessions that give your child the opportunity to develop community, teamwork, self-esteem, and individual skill.

Activities include athletics, outdoor adventure sports, music, art, dance, leadership training, and social action. Campers celebrate their best selves, form lifelong friendships, and find a community where they belong.

There are so many amazing things to do: Seeing the final point scored in Ultimate Frisbee. Dancing together on Shabbat. Making s’mores along the waterfront. Singing arm-in-arm every night before bed. Scoring in Beach Volleyball. Fishing in the San Francisco Bay. Swimming in the Olympic-sized pool. Hiking to the hill that overlooks #NewmanbytheBay. Making more friends in a week than they could all year.

We believe that these transformative experiences inspire kids to bring camp home to their daily lives, applying what they learn here to better themselves, their communities and the world.


A Philosophy Based on C.A.R.E.

Here at Camp Newman, we work together in a community of acceptance, role modeling positive behaviors, where each and every member of the community is vital and important.  We call this our “CARE Philosophy.” Prior to the start of camp, our staff participates in “CARE Training.”  During this training, each staff member has the opportunity to develop their own thoughts on the different values represented in our CARE philosophy so that it can be meaningful to them.  This video highlights a few of our staff members sharing each letter in CARE and what that tenant means to them.

You can also read more about our inclusion program here, and how we welcome interfaith families here.

Rooted in Values

Our camp programs are rooted in the Jewish principles of:

  • Tikkun Olam – bettering our world
  • Tikkun Middot – bettering ourselves
  • Gimilute Chasadim – acts of loving kindness
  • Betzelem Elohim – all humans are created in a divine image
  • Talmud Torah – love of learning for learning’s sake
  • Ahavat Israel – love of Israel

These timeless, universal values form the backbone of every program we plan, anchoring each event in our Jewish tradition. It’s just one way we make Judaism relevant, accessible and meaningful today.