Nutrition & Health


Three times a day, the camp community gathers in our Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall) to dine together. Camp Newman’s staff and Cal Maritime’s designated kitchen staff have worked together to design menus that every child will enjoy.

Cal Maritime’s dining team has extensive experience with helping students and faculty with specific dietary needs. They even have a helpful system of displaying on TV monitors what daily food selections are vegetarian or gluten free. All meals are served kosher style, and there is always vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Campers with specific allergies are given direct and individual accommodations and support. Campers and staff who eat only kosher meat always have vegetarian options available and/or fish entrees, when served. We and the Cal Maritime dining team are committed to doing our absolute best to work with you on any specific food needs.

All meals are served family-style, with sessions eating together at assigned tables. Except for on Friday night, when we enjoy Shabbat dinner as a full camp, Camp Newman operates on a two-meal system. We serve our younger campers on our early meal track, and our older campers on a late meal track.

During meal time, we say Hamotzi (blessing over the bread) before we eat and chant Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) after we eat. We also read the announcements, have “pill call” for campers who take prescribed medications,  and hear the upcoming highlights for the day.




Our Mirp’ah (Health Center) is staffed by qualified volunteer nurses and physicians who give their time each summer to ensure the health, safety and well being of our campers. This staff is on hand 24/7 if the need arises, and administer prescribed medications and first aid to campers.