Fall Camp 2015

Here’s a glimpse of all the fun, learning, friendship, Jewish fun and adventure we shared at Fall Camp last November!


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Friday night

Over 350 Fall Campers arrived at URJ Camp Newman today for Fall Camp, met at our gates by our counselors singing “Haveinu Shalom – we are so glad to see you!” We got to know one another by playing fun mixer games by cabin and grade all over camp. Then, we all joined together as one community in the Chadar Ohel, our Dining Hall, for Shabbat blessings over the candles, wine and challah followed by a delicious dinner of roast chicken, eggplant tofu with tomato sauce, rice, pita, hummus, green beans, and of course, brownies! Afterwards, our song leaders and musicians played on guitars and drums as we danced and sang songs for Shabbat shira. We ended the evening arm-in-arm with our new friends and counselors singing siyum, our closing blessing, before adjourning to our own cabins for bonding before going to bed. Laila tov, parents!


Today, after a hearty breakfast of bagels and cream cheese, fruit salad, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal and coffee cake, we headed off to t’fillah! Each grade got to participate in a different prayer session, designed just for their age.

Our second and third graders sang songs and heard stories inspired by this week’s Torah portion. They really enjoyed hearing the challah-it-forward story told by Rabbi Allie Fischman, our associate camp director, about two men who helped one another unknowingly, one by giving challah to someone in need and another by receiving challah at a time in need. Our fourth graders participated in a hands-on t’fillah lead by Rabbi Lara Regev of Congregation Rodef Sholom. She challenged them to create a skit – by cabin group – inspired by the same prayer. Each group was wildly different and creative – your kids are so imaginative! Finally, our campers in fifth and sixth grades got to pick from five different innovative tefloptions – each one a twist on tradition t’fillah: 1) a walking t’fillah; 2) a t’fillah hike to our star-adorned hill overlooking the camp; 3) a Disney song-inspired t’fillah; 4) sidewalk chalk t’fillah and 5) an improv t’fillah.

For the rest of the day, our campers will be picking from a huge mix of fun camp activities: basketball, gaga, dance, board and card games, coloring, hiking, magic, spikeball, frolf – and much, much more! They’ll also be doing the Magellan’s Challenge (by grade) – a relay race and team challenge of sorts involving a range of silly and fun activities, such as sad “happy birthday” (you have to sing it the saddest way possible!), balloon juggle, hoola hoop toss, hut hut hike, sudoku, cup stack and name that tune.

We’ll try to post a few more photos this evening on Facebook and Instagram – so be sure to check there for more highlights!

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