Fall Camp 2016

Here’s a glimpse of all the fun, learning, friendship, Jewish fun and adventure we had at Fall Camp!

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Friday night

Over 260 Fall Campers arrived at URJ Camp Newman today for Fall Camp! After being assigned their cabins, and meeting their new cabinmates, we got to know one another by playing fun mixer games, doing art or playing sports by grade all over camp. Then, we all joined together as one community in the Chadar Ohel, our Dining Hall, for Shabbat blessings over the candles, wine and challah followed by a delicious dinner of roast chicken, eggplant tofu with tomato sauce, rice, pita, hummus, green beans, and of course, brownies!

Afterwards, our song leaders and musicians played on guitars as we danced and sang songs for Shabbat shira. They learned a ton of new songs and dances – but the best was doing a congo line all around the room!

We ended the evening arm-in-arm with our new friends and counselors singing siyum, our closing blessing, before adjourning to our own cabins for bonding before going to bed. Laila tov, parents!


After a delicious breakfast, Fall Campers all went to a Noah’s Ark themed T’fillah. Then they spent the day doing a variety of super fun activities, like making Noah’s Arks out of corks, sticks and paper, playing sports – like basketball, Gaga and field games, tie-dying and so much more. Check out our Fall Campers enjoying the day below!

A favorite activity today was building forts in the cabins.
Another hit was the campfire (with s’mores of course!) where everyone learned to sing a whole new set of camp songs.

Saturday Night

This evening, we ate dinner together in the Chadar and then went off into the evening to do different activities by grade. Take a look at a few of the highlights – like traversing camp for a scavenger hunt, roasting mini marshmallows over tea lights and making s’mores and a rockin’ lip syncing contest. We all reunited to close the night with our arms around our new friends to do Havdallah and Siyuum.