Camp Newman Video Selfies Contest

Video Selfie Contest

For those of you who participated in our video selfie contest, thank you!


We have sent the swag – Camp Newman Playing Cards – to everyone on the list below. If you posted a selfie and DID NOT receive your cards, please take a screen shot of your selfie and email Alaina Yoakum at Thank you!

And don’t forget to register for Summer Camp!


Thank you to all of you who posted a selfie!

Adam F
Alea C
Alissa R
Annabel G
Annie K
Ari B-B
Arielle Z
Becca S
Dani P
Delaney S
Denise C
Elana R
Emma R-H
Hannah M
India J
Jacob C
Jamie E
Jerrilyn & Jeremy G
Jonah A
Jordan L
Justin F
Kara F
Kendall B
Keren G
Kira S
Langston B
Lauren Y
Leah M
Leela I-F
Lily G
Lily R
Lizzie M
Lori B
Lucy G
Mackenzie D
Mackenzie R
Maddy B
Marisa R
Matt G
Maya K
Michael F
Michelle K
Mika B
Milla S
Myles K
Nathan K
Netanya P
Noah K
Paul K
Quinn S
Rachel P
Rachel E
Raina S
Raizl C
Rebecca A
Rebekah S
Reuben B
Robin K
Sam K
Sara H
Sharon A-B
Sophie B
Sue & Abe S
Tristan W-W