70th Celebration Honorees

In anticipation of our 70th Anniversary this July, we would like to honor the camp people who had an influence on you, our camp community and on camp life. It may have been a special counselor, a cabinmate, a rabbi or a song leader. It may be the camp friend who eventually became  your best friend or life partner! This is your opportunity to honor, celebrate and give a shout out to the Camp Saratoga, Camp Swig and Camp Newman people who had an impact on your life. To honor someone, please click here!


Who from Camp Saratoga, Swig, Newman shaped your life?

Joanne Unitan
Sam was camp director the years that Dick and I were counselors, he was a very big influence on us. His honesty, integrity, sense of humor and love of young people were the values we gained from being with him during those special years. 
Rebecca Wolf-Prusan
I married him and had children with him (Noah Wolf-Prusan)
Mona Alfi
So many people in so many ways!
Susan Wolfe
Debbie Friedman, Debbie PInto, Jason Gwasdoff — thru music I learned Hebrew phrases and connected with my people!
Scott M. Sperling
Such a long list but here are a few…Rabbi Joe Glaser, Carol Kreutzer Levy, Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk, Rabbi Joe Glaser and a huge crew of friends…many of whom have been my chaverim for 50+ years. I am grateful for the influences and relationships that began and were sustained at Camp Swig!
Rachel Slaton
So many… Rich Slaton, Leora Wolf- Prusan, Adam Harris, Sammy Holaschutz, Tara Siegel Jacobs, Jessica Oleon Kirschner, Bryan Zive, Joel Simonds too! … Swig ’03 and Newman ’04-’06 changed the course of my life. Wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for those summers
Adrienne Muscat Swedlove
Rabbi Joe, Howard Laibson, Debbie Friedman, Helen Burke, Fanchon Shur, Michael Zeldin, Jimmy Simon…too many to mention.
Tish Laemmle
 My list is too WAY long to mention everyone, but one of the reasons I came back year after year, was to work with Michelle Plachte-Zuieback, David Plachte-Zuieback, Kathy Pither and Robert Saslow.  💜 💜 💜 💜 
Joel Swedlove
Steve Krause, Cantor Wally Schachet-Briskin, Joshua Simonds, Adam Blotner, Robert Woolf, Aaron Platt Ross, Derek ‘Dovid’ Gormin, Bryan Zive, Danny Greene, Lara Pullan Regev, Tara Siegel Jacobs… Just like everyone else, there are many many more to mention
Molly Hess
When I was in 7th grade at a new school I wore my URJ Camp Newman sweatshirt and a crazy 10th grader Adam Blotner came running up to me to tell me he went to camp there too. That’s one of the first times I experienced “Wherever you go there’s always someone Jewish…” I would also be totally out of place to not add Julie Otis Waltzer to my list who single handily brought back a whole cabin together for multiple years in a row. These are two people of many who have deeply impacted my life from camp
Josh Fried
Toby Pechner helped turn the worst year of my life into one of the best as one of my avo advisors. And Ethan Black – When I was you’re avo servant and you made me introduce you in game of thrones fashion. 
Adriana Arquilevich
I am coming,

Sometimes I feel you are a big tree given shade

and sometimes you are a bird flying around camp

Or singing with your guitarra!!!

– In honor of Ruben Arquilevich 


Additional Honorees

  • Ruben Arquilevich – Honored by Naomi Torgersen and Kathy Pither 
  • Lenny Thal – Honored by Sherrie Zeitlin 
  • Barbara Selvidge – Honored by Janet Harris
  • Helen Burke – Honored by Rhonda Kap Volotzky
  • Sam Kamiker, Rabbi Joe Glaser, Carol Kretzer, Moshe Dollinger, Lenny Thal, Michelle and David Plachte-Zuieback, Robert Saslow, Cantor Jaime Shpall, Tish Laemmle and Ruben Arquilevich – Honored by Kathy Pither
  • Stephen Chase Honikman – Honored by Joshua Samuels
  • Rabbi scott sperling, stephen makoff, esther bergman liberman – Honored by Dana Washofsky