Winter Camp 2016

Here’s a glimpse of all the fun, learning, friendship, Jewish fun and adventure we had at Winter Camp 2016



Friday Night

All the buses and cars have arrived! The fun has already started here at Winter Camp 2016. The rain stayed away for us to enjoy tours of camp in the evening twilight and mixers where we got to meet and get to know our new cabinmates. After some bonding time, we’ll be joining as one community in the Chadar Ohel, our Dining Hall, for Shabbat blessings over the candles, wine and challah followed by a delicious dinner. On the menu tonight is our traditional Shabbat feast, a true camp favorite: roast chicken, eggplant tofu with tangy tomato sauce, huge mounds of rice, slices of warm pita, hummus, green beans, and of course, Tammy’s famous brownies!

After dinner, we all learned some new songs for Shabbat Shira – including the dance moves and hand movements – thanks to our amazing song leaders, musicians and counselors who showed us the way. Then we danced! Some of the dances were freestyle while others had specific moves that we learned quickly from the dance leaders.

We ended the evening arm-in-arm in one enormous circle. With our new friends and counselors, we sang siyum, our closing blessing, before adjourning to our own cabins for bonding before going to bed. Laila tov, parents!

We’ll be posting more photos midday – so be sure to check back soon!

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Saturday Morning

After a delicious breakfast, Fall Campers went to T’fillah, where counselors put on a skit about this week’s parsha, Vayeitzei, the famous bait and switch story when Jacob unwittingly marries Leah instead of his betrothed Rachel. The kids got a kick out of the way the counselors told the story, especially when one group hid Leah under a veil of creatively placed toilet paper.

Our Winter Campers then spent the day doing a variety of super fun activities, including playing soccer, hide and seek, chalk painting, cards, Legos, indoor Gaga, and so much more. Take a look below! (And don’t forget – to see any picture close up, click on it.)

Saturday Afternoon & Evening

For the rest of the afternoon, we all got the opportunity to try new activities – including the best one of all: Building Snowmen! Due to a freak snowstorm here at Camp Newman last night (wink wink), we had real snow for the Winter Campers to use! Each cabin got together, decided on a theme (like under the sea, sports, wild animals, etc.) and then altogether built the creature out of snow and its habitat out of cardboard and other decorations. Check out some of their cool results below!

Tonight, we’ll be eating dinner together in the Chadar, followed by a talent show starring your kids! We can’t wait to see what talents they’ll debut. After the show, we will reunite as one big community to sing the Havdallah prayers and to end this last magical Winter Camp evening together with Siyuum. Thank you so much for sharing your Winter Campers with us! We hope to see them again at Summer Camp!

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New Winter Camp Pics!

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