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Instructions for Using Camp·In·Touch


**For Summer 2022, all age-eligible campers, staff, volunteers, and guests on our camp properties are required to be fully vaccinated, as defined by the CDC, against COVID-19. The URJ has a long history of requiring vaccinations for our community, and we believe strongly that preserving life and maintaining the health of our entire community is a core Jewish value. Knowing that our entire age-eligible community will be vaccinated against COVID-19 allows us to also adjust other mitigation strategies from this past summer. We will have additional information about these adjustments in the coming months, but we look forward to returning to a more typical summer experience in many ways.**


1. Returning camp families should use their CampInTouch email login to register a new camper or a returning camper. If you used your CampInTouch account last summer for summer pictures or emails to your camper, you already have a password in the new system. If you do not remember your password you can recover it by clicking “Retrieve/SetPassword” on the login page.

2. New families will create an email login and select a password as part of the initial registration process.

3. Please note that communications sent from or through CampMinder to Gmail email addresses often get filtered to a spam folder. Please be sure to check your spam folder following registration if you do not receive an application acknowledgement or confirmation of enrollment.

4. This is a secure registration system and you must complete the registration process in one session (it should take no more than 15 minutes to complete). You will need to select a summer session and provide camper and parent/guardian contact information. You will not be able to save and restart an online application later.

5. Please note that the application will assign the person completing the online form as “Primary” parent/guardian, and this person will set up the main login for the account. You can add additional information for other parents/guardians and can have additional email addresses assigned to the account. But the camp will consider the “Primary” person as the main point of contact by default.

6. Once you have started the registration process, you will come to a page where you are asked to select the “Season” of the event(s) for which you are registering your camper. Choose the “2022” season to register for Summer 2022.

7. You will have the ability to upload a photo of your camper/participant. Please have the file stored on the computer (or tablet) you will be using for easy upload during the application process. We are unable to upload photos for you.

8. You will need to pay a deposit for summer camp sessions. Please make your payment online using eCheck, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.

9. In order to register more than one child for any program, upon reaching the “Application Submitted” screen, click on the link to “Begin New Application.” All the information for your first child will be saved as you begin the application for your next child.

In the event you are unable to register online or you experience any technical issues, email Kim Press at or call (415) 991-0259.