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We are working to re-envision what our in-person year round programming might look like when we can safely convene again. In the meantime, please join us for our virtual gatherings!

Supporting Young people as they explore their passions

This 3-part workshop series features the widsom and experience of URJ 6 Points Specialty Camp directors as they use the lens of science, sports and the arts to help us consider how we can best suppor the kids and teens in our lives.

November 15 – 5:30pm PT

Sports Parenting 101
with Danny Herz
Director, 6 Points Sports Academy

Children who play sports are faced with so much stress and anxiety – and not just from opponents, coaches, and the sport itself. Often times it is the adults – the parents of the athlete – who add to the obstacles and pressures. In this class, Danny will share wisdom from parenting experts, professional coaches, and educators about the best way to support and encourage your child during their athletic journey. Learn the “6 Most Important Words to Say” to your child before competition, and the exact terminology to use during and after the game/match.

December 6 – 5:30pm PT

Being the Grown-Ups Creative Kids Need
with Jo-Ellen Unger
Director, 6 Points Creative Arts Academy

A parent, artist and educator, Jo-Ellen will share thoughts about supporting young people as they explore their passions. Let’s chat about boundaries, power struggles, empathetic communication and some important things your creative kid needs to hear from you (and some things they don’t). Bring a post-it note, your favorite color crayon (ok, a pen or pencil will work but how often do grown-ups get to use crayons?), an open heart and mind.