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Here at Camp Newman, we work together to build a community of acceptance, where we role model positive behaviors, and acknowledge that each and every member of the community is vital and important. We live by the value of  b’tzelem Elohim, which reminds us that each of us are created in the image of God meaning that each person at camp has a specific set of needs, wants, feelings, hopes, and dreams. We are ready to set our campers and staff up for success and be their best selves.


Kehillah Kedoshah

Everything we do at Camp Newman revolves around building a holy community. We support one another, create friendships and mentorships, and live together in Jewish community. When you ask our campers and staff why they return year after year, they say they return because of the community they experience in our sacred space. As leaders, we are responsible for enacting this aspect of our philosophy by keeping everyone safe and healthy, and facilitating community building. 


V’ahavta l’reicha kamocha

Love your neighbor as yourself. -Lev. 19:18

Campers and staff return to Camp Newman because they feel accepted for who they are in their most authentic form. Goofiness is welcome, as is seriousness and sadness. We celebrate the journey of discovering your best, most authentic self and help cultivate the courage to BE that person both at camp and in every facet of life beyond camp’s gates.

Role Modeling

Asei l’cha rav

Make for yourself a teacher, acquire a friend. – Pirkei Avot 1:6

Every person, from our youngest campers to our most senior staff, is a role model. No one is too young to teach another how to live Jewish values and everyone is responsible for creating sacred space on our grounds. Everyone is held accountable for living with integrity and kindness, and when someone makes a mistake, we help guide them with compassion towards a more righteous path. 

Each and Every One

B’tzelem Elohim

All humans are created in the Divine image. – Gen. 1:26

Every member of our community has unique wants, needs, aspirations, fears, and dreams. No two campers are the same and we treat each other accordingly. This last core value of our Philosophy of C.A.R.E. helps us understand how to facilitate growth in campers and staff. Our leaders are responsible for treating each person with this understanding and reacting to situations with this value in mind.  

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