Making Camp Affordable

Discounts, Grants & Scholarships


Our goal is to make camp affordable for every family. See how to apply below!

We believe so much in the transformative power of camp that we are committed to helping you find every discount, scholarship, and grant you qualify for and to making the application process easy and confidential.

  • First-time camper grants of up to $1,000 off! 
  • Multi-session discount of $250 off (applies if you register your camper for more than 1 session at Camp Newman, or 1 session at Camp Newman plus 1 session at 6 Points Sports California or Sci-Tech Academy West)
  • Sibling discount of $100 off for second child, $150 off for additional children.
  • Congregation Scholarships: Camp Newman will match 100% of congregation scholarship per camper
  • Camp Newman Scholarships: See below for details on how to apply!

Questions? Please contact our registrar Kim Press, who is ready to answer all of your questions and help you with the application process: or call 415-991-0259.

To read more about the power of camp, click here.

Discounts Available

  • Multi-session discount of $250 off. Applied after registration is confirmed. Discount applies if you register your camper for more than 1 session at Camp Newman, or 1 session at Camp Newman plus 1 session at 6 Points Sports California or Sci-Tech Academy West.
  • Sibling discounts

Grants Available

  • First-time camper grants of up to $1,000 off! Refer to “How to Apply” section below. 

Tuition Assistance & Deadlines

Tuition Assistance Available

  • Unlimited congregational scholarship 100% match. Apply directly to your congregation.
  • URJ Camp Newman Scholarship Fund. See tab below on “how to apply” starting in January 2019.
  • Additional community scholarships available. See tab below on “how to apply” starting in January 2019.

Starting in November 2018: Apply to other available funding sources (see “How to Apply” tab for resources).

January 2019: Scholarship link below – click on “How to Apply” tab. (Can only be submitted AFTER your child is enrolled in camp, your deposit is received, and you’ve applied to other available resources – see below.)

April 1, 2019: Deadline for submitting Camp Newman Scholarship Application.

After April 1 – Some scholarships are still available. Please contact Kim Press for information.

May 2019: For those who applied before April 1, Camp Newman scholarships are awarded in the first week of May.

Questions? Contact us at

How to Apply

Follow these easy steps to apply!


If you plan to send your child to Camp Newman, Register them now! Don’t wait until you hear about scholarships – there may not be any space left by then! Please note that you’ll need to register & pay a deposit before filling out the Camp Newman Scholarship Application.

Please note that we expect families to approach any and all funding sources available before applying to Camp Newman for aid.


One Happy Camper 2015

If your child will be attending Camp Newman for the first time, you may be eligible to receive a first-time incentive grant! Incentives are available nationwide, with various conditions and amounts. Please contact our Registrar, Kim Press ( or 415-392-7080) to see if you are eligible. If so, she will provide you with details on how to apply.


We expect families to help contribute for camp as a demonstration of your commitment to the camp experience. This also factors in your favor when applying for other financial aid. Make plans to pay what you can afford, and begin making regular payments as soon as you can.


Did you know that most congregations have scholarship and discretionary funds available to help send children to Camp Newman? For Summer 2018, we are also offering a 100% congregational match! Contact your Rabbi, Cantor, Educator, and/or Congregational President. They will inform you of the congregation’s application requirements.

Many community-based Jewish organizations also have camp scholarship programs. Contact your local or regional Jewish Federation, or other Jewish family-servicing organization to find out about availability. Please note: If you are in the East Bay or San Francisco Federation regions, please fill out the Camp Newman Scholarship application – see Step 6.


Be willing to ask! Every member of a child’s support network – grandparents, aunts & uncles, close family friends – stands to benefit when a child has a transformative experience at camp. That is why they are often so willing to support a child in their family attending camp.


Now Online! (Link below) | Deadline: April 1, 2019 | Award Notification: First week in May

After you have exhausted all available financial resources above, families who still need additional funding should complete a Camp Newman Scholarship Application – which asks for contact and financial information, and a report on how you did in acquiring scholarship dollars from others. We will notify you of our decision by May 15th. Click button to apply now!

Apply Now!
Please don’t hesitate to contact our Registrar, Kim Press (415-991-0259;, who can walk you through this process!

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