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Camp this summer: 4 is More!

We are thrilled to launch a new initiative called 4isMore enabling more campers to experience a 4-week session at camp. 4isMore is made possible by an incredibly generous anonymous donor who believes, like we do, in the power of spending more time at camp.

This summer, all campers currently in 5th-8th grades who are interested in upgrading their camp experience to a 4-week session for the first time are eligible* to receive tuition grants up to $1000!

Two weeks at camp wasn’t even close to being enough. My friends and I are already talking about coming back for Shomrim next summer so we can stay at camp even longer!


5th Grade, 2023 Giborim Camper

Why 4 weeks? 4 is More!

Some people say that it takes 21-days to create a habit. At camp, we know from our 77-years-worth of camp alumni that campers who spend more time at camp in a 4-week session return home with:

  • deeper Jewish friendships
  • more impactful relationships with older Jewish role-models (our amazing staff)
  • more confidence and independence
  • a stronger, more personal and meaningful connection to being Jewish.

This is why we’ve launched 4isMore! Not only is there an immediate benefit to spending more time at camp, the long-term impacts of time spent at camp has been documented in a number of Jewish communal studies. According to Camp Works: The Long-Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp, “children with pivotal Jewish camp experiences are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes, and take on leadership roles in their communities.”

*Who is eligible for 4isMore?

The 4isMore grant is intended for campers who are attending Shomrim, Etzim, Rishonim or Maccabiah – Camp Newman’s 4-week sessions for rising 6th-9th graders. In particular, the tuition grant is to help families upgrade the camp experience from a 2-week session to a 4-week session for the first time. Here is the breakdown of tuition grants available:

  • $1000 Tuition Grant: Any camper currently in 5th – 8th grade (6th-9th grade in Fall 2024) who has never attended a 4-week session at Camp Newman. First time Shomrim or Etzim campers who already received the $500 tuition grant are eligible for an additional $500!
  • $500 Tuition Grant: Any camper currently in 6th grade (7th grade in Fall 2024) who attended Shomrim or Etzim last year who is attending Shomrim or Etzim again this summer.

Campers attending two back-to-back 2-week sessions or two separate 2-week sessions during the summer are not eligible for this tuition grant.

How will the tuition grant be applied?

The first step is to register for the 4-week session that works best for your family, if you have not already:

  • For new campers who are not yet enrolled: the tuition grant will be applied manually by our registrar, Kim Press, once your camper application is submitted. You will not see the discount reflected when you are submitting the camper application. 
  • For campers already enrolled in a 2-week session who want to upgrade to a 4-week session: If your camper is upgrading from a 2-week session to a 4-week session, please email Kim Press at kpress@urj.org so we can adjust your camper’s enrollment as well as your payment ledger.
  • For eligible* campers already enrolled in a 4-week session: the tuition grant will be applied retroactively (manually) and you can log into your account to view your payment ledger and updated balance, if you have one.


The bonding experience of camp not only builds a long-lasting taste and yearning for community; it also creates habits of Jewish practice. It makes Judaism part and parcel of life’s most joyous moments. Moreover, those moments are experienced as integral parts of life in a beloved community.

Dr. Steven M. Cohen, Ron Miller, Ira Sheskin, Berna Torr

Camp Works: The Long Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp, Foundation for Jewish Camp

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