Welcome to our “Alumni Corner”! We love our alumni and want to help you stay connected to camp and all of the exciting things we have going on here at Newman. After all, “camp is life and the rest is just details”. Here you will find information about current events we have scheduled for alumni, as well as some fun resources we’ve created just for you. If you’d like to stay connected to camp please fill out our form with your information at the bottom of the page!

Jewish Geography Zoom Racing – October 11th


A hilarious, fast-paced “zoom race” where alumni from Camp Newman, Swig and Saratoga tap into their social networks to find “The Chosen One” (a virtual game of Jewish Geography!).

Race #1: Samara Leader/A.C. Swedlove vs. Adam Blotner/Sammy Holaschutz

Race #2: Toby Pechner/Rachel Mylan vs. Rabbi Jason Gwasdof/Gordon Lustig

Race #2: Rabbi Mona and Eliot Alfi vs. Joanne/Barbie Cohen


We need ALL our alumni to join us! Support your favorite team by donating to provide an additional clue about “The Chosen One”, to bring on a camp-celebrity guest or one of the coveted RINGERS who can tip the scales. All proceeds will go towards the rebuild of our Porter Creek site.

We’re thrilled to host this event in partnership with Campfires and Color Wars and with the underwriting support of HUC-JIR.


Host a Virtual Reunion!

Check out our Virtual Reunions Resource Kit (click image below to download the full kit) to host your own Happy Hours and reunions for you and your camp friends. enjoy the Zoom backgrounds, mixer questions and kahoot (camp trivia).  If you create a zoom reunion on your own and send us your link, someone from the team may drop in to say hello!



Iconic Camp Newman Zoom Backgrounds!

Just click the picture you want to open the full size image in your browser, right click to save it to your computer.


Connect with Us!

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