We know that you have lots of choices for summer jobs – but are 10 reasons why working at a summer camp is your BEST opportunity as you start your professional career.

1.Are you career-driven? Then this is the job for you. Read these 13 reasons why every career-driven millennial should work at a camp for a summer.


2.You will gain valuable leadership and training skills. Regardless of your college major, working at a summer camp puts you in a prime place to develop job-marketable skills. Given how often you are overseeing large groups of children, the role of camp counselor translates well into excellent management and personnel skills. You may also qualify for college credit – check with your college adviser to see if you qualify.


3.You get to be a part of something meaningful. Campers LOVE coming to summer camp. Here at URJ Camp Newman, they frequently call camp “my second home.” Our retention rate is extremely high, which tells us that we’re doing something right. And we believe that something is our counselors! We hire fun, energetic people who are motivated to give campers the best summer ever – and make them want to come back, year after year. There’s no question that our campers look up to their counselors more than anyone else. You have the chance to become a camper’s hero.

4.Live, play, and work in the great outdoors. Most summer camps give you access to the best of nature. For instance, our camp is located on on the bay-side campus of Cal Maritime, set on a beautiful college campus with an expansive view of the Bay and the sky. Our facilities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a professional sports field for soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, baseball and other sports, an enormous indoor volleyball court, and lots of areas along the shore to read, relax, enjoy the view of the Bay, and soak in the sun. As far as work locations go, it doesn’t get much better than that!

5.032 (2)You have the opportunity to grow and improve. Camp staff become a community within itself – you end up inspiring and learning from one another and experience much of the same joy and wonder as the campers. Plus, you’ll make friends from people who live across the United States and possibly the world. At URJ Camp Newman, for example, we hire approximately 15 Israeli staff members.

6.Your goals and interests will be taken to heart. Because there are many roles to fill and because you come with so many additional strengths and skills, camp directors will strive to match your passions to your camp role so that you get the most out of your experience.

7.You’ll save money. With your housing and food provided for you, you’ll save more money than you think!!!

1688.You will be nurtured and cared for – just like our campers! Camps take the health and well-being of their counselors and campers VERY seriously. For example, at Camp Newman, we apply our CARE philosophy to everything we do. The philosophy is based upon the principles of community, acceptance, role-modeling, and that each and every individual is created in the image of God.

9.BuzzFeed agrees with us! And if you need even more reasons to apply for a camp counselor position, click here for 20 MORE reasons working at a Summer Camp will be your best job ever.

10.URJ Camp Newman is hiring now! We are still seeking staff, especially male counselors and Geza (senior staff) positions. Click here to apply now!