Honoring Our Alumni

On July 16, 2017, over 500 alumni from Camps Saratoga, Swig and Newman came to spend the day with one another, and to hug, sing, cheer, laugh, and dance as one community. Little did we know that the very next October, Camp Newman would suffer extraordinary losses in the wildfires that struck the region. However, we were emboldened and encouraged to discover that all of you – our extended, 70-year-strong camp community – came together in song and spirit, in friendship and in hope to support one another and our camp. It is a testament to the power of camp and this alumni community.

In that spirit, we wanted to share our memories and honor all of you – our camp alumni – with two special videos below.

Thank you to all those who donated to our wildfire relief fund, #NewmanStrong. If you still wish to donate, click here.


Our 70th Celebration included a rousing song session through the generations, emcee’d by Moshe Dollinger, featuring Dan Nichols, and spotlighting song leaders from the past 70 years.

70th Celebration Memory Book

To all who joined our 70th Celebration in person or in spirit on July 16, 2017, it was an extraordinary day full of ruach, remembering and reuniting with camp friends from near and far. To view & purchase photos or our “70th Anniversary Memory Book,” featuring photos and memorabilia from 70 years of Jewish camping in the West, click here!

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