by Matt Gaskin

Tonight at session songs, Noah from Avodah class of 2016 made the following heartfelt announcement:

In past years at session songs, the Avodahniks have stood in two lines, boys in the back, girls in the front.  We will not be continuing this tradition.  Here’s why:

As we prepare for the Pride Parade tomorrow, we recognize that gender exists in many forms.  Our Avodah class is a diverse community of people of many gender identities, and we feel that this tradition may be alienating to some, making some of us feel as if we don’t have an appropriate place, leaving people out.

As an Avodah class, we are working to decrease exclusivity and help create a more inclusive camp community.

We as a camp community appreciate this lesson brought to all of us from the campers.  Working towards being true leaders around camp.  Thank you for teaching us through your example, how to be an even more inclusive place.  Inspiring Judaism, to everyone, 365!