A Letter from Tzion Kaukira, Staff Member ’23 


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude towards Camp for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Camp Newman wonderful community. It’s really been a pleasure being there this summer. Being the first Ugandan at Camp Newman in 75years is a very huge blessing and that shows the brave decision you took to have me there. Jessie and Newman team thanks for giving me a chance for being part of this wonderful experience. I really can’t thank you enough.

Coming to Camp Newman has taught and showed me how an inclusive environment looks like. I felt at home while there. I never loved being Jewish before coming to Newman, it’s something I couldn’t confidently say. Coming to Newman and hiking to the Star and yelling “I love being Jewish” helped me appreciate and remind me of my Jewish identity and know how it’s geshmak to be a Yid (it’s a joy to be Jewish). Making that declaration statement raised my spirit and I even felt safer. That’s something I could have never experienced if I didn’t come to Newman. Shira (song session) and Rikudei Am (Israeli dancing) on Friday nights is something that raised my spirit on Shabbat, I really enjoyed it, it’s something I continue doing even after camp. I never confidently danced in public before. Being at Camp Newman gave me the confidence to dance.


Camp Newman is a remarkable experience that I shall live to tell. It’s one I would like to have again and again. I already miss camp. Please God, see you next summer.


Sincerely, Kaukira Tzion.