Caren Kline
Camp Swig: Machon ’84, CIT ’85, Staff ’86

Never would have thought that my 3-weeks of Machon at Camp Swig Saratoga in 1984 would pave the way for our two sons, Noah and Seth, to have the impact it has had.

Noah was hooked right away first summer going into fourth grade, then after many years enjoying camp, solidified Hagigah summer which coincided with Camp Newman 70th anniversary. Fast forward… I had never seen Noah cry since skinning his knee when little, until I had to share the sad news that camp had burned down. He vowed camp would be rebuilt and he and his buddies would be on staff which happened last summer and it was an even more momentous summer given his younger brother, Seth, was a CIT the same summer.

Noah still holds his CIT class near and dear with a will to drive through a snow storm so he could celebrate New Years Eve 2021 for the fourth year in a row with a tight group that finds the time amidst a pandemic to get together whenever they can. We are thrilled that Seth will be working at camp this summer and so grateful to staff and administrators seeing his growth and giving him this incredible opportunity!

I am so thankful for the bonds with swig alumni, including Michelle O., Phil, Dina, Moshe, Barbie, Dan, Alex, Joanna, Michael, Deborah C., Wendy R., Mark C., Harvey, Karen and the list goes on and on.

I can’t thank the leadership enough for continuing to mentor this next generation and having the strength to persevere during this most challenging and unusual times.