by Judah Hoffenberg, Avodah 2022 Advisor

The summer of 2022 saw Camp Newman’s Avodah class achieve an impact on Camp and the greater world around it far greater than their small number might’ve entailed. The Avodahniks chose to dedicate their time to four separate projects, all of which came to fruition in colorful ways. They chose to dedicate their fundraising efforts to raise around $16,000 (and lots of awareness!!!) for the Brigid Alliance, an abortion fund that not only pays for the procedure, but provides stipends for travel, housing, meals, and any other cost associated with accessing an abortion. Through this effort, Avodah learned and then helped teach about the importance of being able to access birth control for people who don’t have the safety net of financial stability. 

On camp, Avodah blazed a trail right up the side of a hill, going from the Beit Tefillah to Adventure Mountain, learning the value of teamwork, tunes, and tecnu. Our Avodahniks also designed and installed a full 18-hole disc golf course, leaving their personal touch on the associated map and hole designs. Finally, Avodah got to design and paint a radiant mural near the pool, enshrining the trials, triumphs, and trek to village 8 that Avo ‘22 got to experience every day. Avodah gave it their all until the very end, finishing the mural on the last night of camp. Although they aren’t waking up at 7 am for serving crew anymore, the Avodah class of 2022’s impact will continue to be felt by everyone who comes to Camp Newman.