We rounded up the most popular videos and blog posts from 2015, and posted them here. Have fun reminiscing!

The Most Read Blog Posts of Summer 2015

Jacob and MattCamp Chats: Every few weeks, we put a person on the street and asked campers to tell us, in their own words, what they thought about camp. These blog posts were very popular, especially the one about what campers were going to miss most when they left camp. Click here to read it!

The Power of a Frisbee: Our Communications Intern, Ben Wong, wrote eloquently about how this round disc is a small rite of passage for so many here at Camp Newman. Read it now!


Mud, Rain & Mitzvahs: This summer, Camp Newman launched its first J.Adventures, taking Judaism on the road to Costa Rica. Read the teens’ personal accounts about how the trip changed themselves and their world here.


The Most Watched Videos of Summer 2015

When Ben Wong, our Communications Intern, debuted the first “What’s Up Camp?” – a featurette of the best moments at camp every Wednesday, it was a HUGE hit. Here’s the debut video:


Everyone at camp looks forward to Saturday night at camp. Why? Session Songs! Here’s a look back at our most viewed Session Songs from June 20th:


There’s nothing more exciting than the first day of camp – the ruach is overpowering! Here’s a look back at the opening day of Summer 2015!