At Camp Newman, every camper from our youngest in Camp Katan to our CITs, is surrounded by passionate, inspiring and FUN Jewish role models and leaders. Our directors and supervisors make it a point to be out and about during the day at camp, getting to know our campers, leading activities or simply grabbing a paint brush or pickleball paddle to join in on the fun!

In their first week at camp, our Bonim campers have the opportunity to meet and learn from many of our camp leaders.

Together with their cabins, Bonim travels around camp doing impromptu interviews. This summer they learned from Ari Vared (Executive Director), Rabbi Allie (Camp Director), Jessie Shamout (Associate Camp Director), Aviva Symons (Assistant Camp Director), Rachel Dubowe (Nefesh Director), Shayna Dollinger (Shosh the Aleph Bonim Rosh), Elaine Manno (Bet Bonim Rosh), Rabbi Mona (Camp Education Faculty) and Ron Katzoti (Pool Director) about what makes a great leader. Some of the questions they ask are:

  • What do you think is the most important part of being a leader?
  • Who is a leader that inspires you and why?
  • Do you have any advice for how we can be the best leaders at camp?

When asked what they learned from their conversations, here are some of the responses our Bonim campers gave:

The most important part of being a leader is “listening to other people”, “being kind and patient”, “supporting the people I work with”, “treating others how they want to be treated” “keeping camp, or any space, clean even if you didn’t make the mess” and “being clear about your values and setting a good example”.

Some of the leaders that inspire our camp leaders range from Rachel Dubowe’s mom to Ted Lasso, Rabbi Hillel to our own Rabbi Allie.

Bonim is our youngest 2-week session and for most, this is their first summer at camp. The opportunity to meet and spend time with camp leadership is one way that we create a caring community at Camp Newman. A Bonim summer is all about building community, confidence, and character through the lens of Jewish values. Bonim does mean “builders” in Hebrew, after all, and they are helping build the next generation of inspiring Jewish leaders!