We are so grateful to all of the brave firefighters and first-responders who continue to fight 24/7 in both Northern and Southern California to keep our communities and families safe. To all those who are affected, evacuated, or without power: we are here for you. Please reach out if you need our help in any way!

We also want to share some great news: we’re happy to report that the Kincade fire is now 60% contained, and that our team visited our Porter Creek home and tell us that all is safe and well.

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles fires are still very active, and many of our congregations and families are still being impacted.

So we wanted to provide you with some ways you can help both communities:

In Northern California

In Southern California

As we pray for the fires to be extinguished as soon as possible, here is a meaningful prayer for those affected by fire written by our Rabbinic Faculty Liaison, Rabbi Paul Kipnes of Congregation Or Ami.


Rabbi Allie Fischman, Ari Vared and the entire URJ Camp Newman & NFTY team