By Michael Mason

I spent the last two weeks with a Hagigah Hizdamnut creating a Camp Newman Audio Documentary podcast.  Podcasting is fairly new to me, but it has inspired a new creativity that I was excited to share with these campers.  The first day we sat together in Ruben’s kitchen and I explained what I thought we could do they looked at me like I was nuts and it was clear that they would rather be napping or ditching.

By the end of the first day, after I interviewed each of them and they interviewed each other we were all excited to see what the project would become.  I gave these incredible campers full creative control over what we would put together.  They came up with the questions, they decided that they wanted to go “into the field” and be spontaneous rather than have a series of sit down interviews, and they told me when the overall volume wasn’t loud enough in the semi-finished product.


I was so proud of each of them and their counselor for stepping up and leading the project.  They learned how to use the recorder and figured out how to deal with the natural elements at camp like trucks driving by, teenagers yelling, dogs barking, and howling wind.  They were empowered to create something authentic to them and their feelings for Camp Newman.

It was holy work to watch them share their passion for camp in the asking of questions about camp of their peers, counsellors, Rashim, and directors.  You will hear them develop confidence as interviewers as you listen to the podcast.  You might not be able to hear it, but I saw them gel as a group and support each other in an effort to put together what I think is a great product.  Thanks Benji, Leon, Hayden, Ari, Rachael, Sarah, and Hannah for creating a beautiful document about what makes Camp Newman such a special place to so many people.

Check out the podcast, hosted on Good Stuff Kids, by clicking here.