Our Nefesh team (Hebrew for soul), or Camp Care Team, is composed of mental health professionals, social workers, therapists, school counselors and more who have dedicated their time and energy to figure out how camp can be a place of happiness and success for our campers and staff. Our Nefesh team is available when your camper needs extra support, is having a hard day, or just needs someone to talk to! Families work in partnership with our Nefesh team to ensure the camper’s success for the summer. This may include a more comprehensive intake, collaboration with professionals who work with your child, and maintaining regular communication throughout the off season as we prepare for the summer. If you would like to talk about accommodations or extra support for your camper, please email our Nefesh Director, Rachel Dubowe at rdubowe@urj.org.

In addition to our counselors and leadership team, Camp Newman’s wonderful on-site medical team, made up of 2-3 nurses and a doctor, is there to ensure every camper is happy and healthy, and to communicate with you should the need arise. Be sure to review the Covid-19 Protocols for this summer as well as our Summer FAQs. You can learn more about our health center practices, policies and common questions by scrolling down on the FAQs page to the Medical & Health Center section.

There are also some things you can do as a family in advance of your camper’s session to help them know what to expect and how to handle big feelings that are bound to come up while at camp, whether it’s their 1st or 10th summer. With some preparation at home and an awesome support system at camp, we know your camper(s) will have the best summer ever! Check out this great resource on how to prepare for “Moments of Sadness”: