by Rachel Dubowe, Summer Assistant Director & Nefesh Director

I believe in the power of camp.

I believe that what we learn at camp transcends space and time.

I believe in loving and living the work you do.

I believe in my family for understanding my happy place.

I believe that the core of so many vibrant Jewish identities are found at camp.

I believe in our campers who push themselves to try something new.

I believe in our teens who ache to be staff members.

I believe in our staff who infuse care, values and camp lessons into their young adult beings.

I believe in the community we’ve formed.

I believe that camp friends are the best friends. I believe in hard but certain decisions.

I believe we will be okay.

I believe in the power of camp.

I wrote this on April 30th 2020. The day camp was cancelled for the summer. Just when we thought our community had enough hard days, we got another one.

And. Here we are. June 19th 2021. The day before our campers arrive. I believe in the life we’re breathing into these grounds. I believe in the Jewish moments of joy we’re about to create together. I believe in the challenges that will build character this summer. I believe that each one of you was hired for a reason. I believe we can do hard things. I believe we will all try our best to set up each camper for success, safety and happiness.  I believe in each and every one of you.

I believe in the power of camp.