At Camp Newman, we are proud of our legacy of West Coast Jewish Camp, from our roots at Saratoga, where we spread our wings at Swig and now, soaring to new heights on Porter Creek Road. Many of our alumni can remember every session name, every year they attended camp and you might hear someone say, “I was Giborim ’87, too!” or “What year were you in Kibbutz? Oh, that’s the year I did Solel!” or “Kallah 2007 had the best session song!” 

As we approach our 75th Anniversary, we’re thrilled to be starting a new chapter at camp while building on the incredible foundation of joyful, vibrant, intentional living Judaism. 

With input from camp families and the blessing of several generations of camp alumni (with great care especially paid to inclusivity, Hebrew meaning, and most memorable session cheer), we’re excited to announce the new, improved and less confusing 2-week session names: 

Entering 1st-4th Grade: Mechina (Preparation) – Taste of Camp 
Entering 3rd & 4th Grade: Bonim (Builders) 
Entering 5th & 6th Grade: Giborim (Heroes) 
Entering 7th & 8th Grade: Tzofim (Scouts) 
Entering 9th-11th Grade: Alufim (Champions) 

In this new model, the name of the session, regardless of WHEN a camper attends camp during the summer, will be consistent. For example, we will differentiate each Bonim session throughout the summer by referring to it as Bonim Aleph, Bonim Bet, Bonim Gimmel or Bonim Dalet: 

Aleph (1A): June 19-July 3
Bet (1B): July 5-July 17
Gimmel (2A): July 20-August 2
Dalet (2B): August 4- August 14
Mechina (Taste of Camp): August 4- August 7

Our month-long, thematic session names and placement during the summer will remain the same: 

Session 1: June 19-July 17
Entering 6th & 7th: Shomrim (Guards) 
Entering 8th & 9th: Rishonim (Eco-Judaism & Environmentalism)
Entering 10th & 11th: Hagigah (Jewish identity through Visual or Performing Arts or Ultimate Frisbee)

Session 2: July 20-August 14
Entering 6th & 7th: Etzim (Trees)
Entering 8th & 9th: Maccabiah (Judaism & Leadership through Sports & Physical Expression)
Entering 10th & 11th: Hevrah (Social Justice through advocacy, Art or sports)

Now you know your A-B-G-Ds … come spend the summer among the redwood trees!