By Matt Gaskin, Social Media and Marketing Associate

DSC00016There is a group of kids on the grounds of Camp Newman who get to experience everything that camp has to offer.  They don’t miss a thing.  These campers get to do sports, arts and crafts, they make s’mores, and pray in tefillah every day.  They are also our smallest.  The third and fourth graders that make up Bonim, Mechina, Chaverim, and Giborim get the best taste of camp.  

Having been a rosh eidah (unit head) for these campers in the past, I have experienced first-hand that their enthusiasm for all things camp is infectious.  This year it has been fun to step outside and see how excited they get to hit the pool and play frisbee.  An amazing addition to their program this year is the overnight.

In the past, our youngest campers didn’t go on an overnight because the hike to the site can be difficult for even some of the most experienced of us.  This year, Rosh Teva Lane and Rashim Emma and Rebekah, have brought the overnight to the campers.  Tents are set up on the lower field and the campers get to sleep out of cabin, participate in activities with our Israeli scouts, and make mini-s’mores with tea lights.  It is as awesome as it sounds!

Watching “The Littles,” as we affectionately refer to them, get a flavor for camp, makes everyone want to relive these experiences vicariously through them.