We are excited to introduce you to… your camper’s unit heads! Also known as Rashim, these counselors will be your primary contacts in case you have any questions about your camper while they’re at camp. If you need to reach them, please call our main camp line at 415-392-7080. 

Meet your camper’s Rashim below – and the rest of our incredible team here.

Mechina Rosh Eidah, Morgan Folger, Sacramento, CA

Hi! My name is Morgan and I’m from Sacramento, CA. I am currently a student at UC Santa Barbara double majoring in English and Religious Studies. Outside of class, I am on the student board at Hillel, serve as chapter president of SAEPi, a national Jewish sorority, and work as a 5th grade religious school teacher at Congregation B’nai B’rith in Santa Barbara. I have been working at Camp Newman for the past three summers, the first two as a general counselor and the third as an visor in the CIT program.

Chalutzim Rashim, Jenna Barasch & Eden Friedman

Hi! I’m Jenna and I’m so excited to be joining the staff at Camp Newman this summer! I grew up in the Bay Area, but this is my first

time attending Newman! I’m a newly credentialed elementary school teacher, and I love spending my free time at baseball games, hanging out with my dog, Ginny, and traveling!

Hello, I’m Eden and I’m from Sacramento, CA. During the year I’m a youth director and a server in a restaurant. I had the joy of being a Rosh at camp last year and am excited to be returning. Being a mensch is one of my favorite Jewish concepts!



Gesher Rosh Eidah Josh “JC” Cutler & Assistant Rosh Eidah Adi Azoulai

Hi! I’m JC from San Diego, CA. I recently (this past December) graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV- go rebels!) with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Sciences. Since graduating, I have called San Diego my home and currently work primarily at the Jewish Teen Initiative in San Diego as a Data Administrator. In addition, I spend most of my free time outside- surfing, hiking, and playing basketball. My experience with camp goes far back- all the way to attending a day camp in Sacramento, California at age six. After a few years attending day camp, some of my closest friends from my synagogue told me about Camp Newman, and that summer was my first of three as a camper at Newman; Shoshanim, Shomrim, and Rishonim.

After my final year as a camper and time away from summer camps, I then worked at a day camp for two summers as a counselor. Following those two summers, I realized how much I miss Jewish overnight camp; so I became a counselor at another Jewish overnight camp. At that camp I held roles as a counselor, head programmer 7th-10th grade campers. However, after many long years away from the camp that made such an impact on who I am- I came to the realization to return to where I began overnight summer camp. Couldn’t be more excited for this summer!

Hi everyone, my name is Adi! I’m from San Diego, CA. During the year I am a student at UC Berkeley and I just finished my sophomore year. I am also involved with Hillel and am on the Executive Board of my sorority. I have spent 7 years at a Jewish sleepaway camp and will be spending my 8th summer here at Newman! Of those 7 years, I spent 1 as a CIT and 2 as a counselor. I can’t wait to be an Assistant Rosh Eidah!


Machon Rosh Eidah, Roy Druker

Hello – I’m Roy! I mainly traveled in the past year and had tests for the university. Before that I was in camp for the first time as a general instructor and it was great. I can’t wait to be the Rosh for our 9th & 10th grade campers this summer!