Opening day of Summer 2021 is 100 days out but, in truth, we have been waiting YEARS to start this countdown. Between now and then our incredible staff will begin to arrive and set up for the summer of your lives. We asked our staff what they were excited for and here are the 100 things they said.


  1. To teach new campers all of the Israeli dances
  2. For the frisbee game and to be scorekeeper
  3. For the campers to experience everything I love about camp
  4. To hike to the star with my campers
  5. To hear the Lai Lais from our CITs on Friday nights
  6. To camp under the stars
  7. To sing with our wonderful songleaders 
  8. To watch even more campers fall in love with Porter Creek
  9. To hear everyone’s voices singing together again
  10. T’Filah at beautiful porter creek
  11. To rekindle my relationship with the community
  12. Acting as a mentor for my campers, but also being able to learn equally as much from them
  13. Yelling silly things off the the top of the Star
  14. Having my wrists covered in friendship bracelets by the time August rolls around
  15. Dancing in the Chadar Ochel (dining hall)
  16. Getting the most iconic teva tan
  17. Writing session songs
  18. Playing music at camp
  19. Hiking the camp trails
  20. Seeing camp magic again
  21. Being with my best friends
  22. Seeing my campers experience things for the first time
  23. It’s its
  24. Chaco Tans
  25. Tie Dye
  26. Friendship Bracelets
  27. Best friends new and old
  28. Song Session
  29. Israeli Dancing
  30. Costumes
  31. Seeing campers grow up
  32. Trying new things
  33. Laughing so hard it hurts
  34. Seeing the stars at night
  35.  I am excited to live in a tent
  36.  Excited to lose my voice at shira
  37. Stacking Rocks at the Creek
  38. Teaching my campers
  39.  Getting my fingers stained purple from blackberries
  40.  Sunrise hikes to the star
  41. Getting asked if my knot still looks like a challah
  42. Teaching my campers new card games
  43. Trust walks
  44. The zipline 
  45.  Mifkad Boker
  46. To see my best friend
  47. To be my true self
  48. To play in the frisbee game
  49. Siyum 
  50. To listen and meditate near the creek
  51. Reconnect with old friends and make new ones
  52. Tater tots
  53. We got ruach yes we do!vWe got ruach how about you?
  54. The waterslide
  55. Singing campfire songs
  56. Inventive t’filot
  57. Pita S’mores and S’morittos
  58. Yelling I love being Jewish with my campers from the top of the star.
  59. The key change in V’shamru
  60. Helping my campers grow and thrive
  61. Stargazing
  62. Lazy afternoons interrupted by surprise snacks in the chadar ochel 
  63. Siyum (closing circle) in the Pool
  64. Trying to find yellow on Yom Sport
  65. Living in and creating an unapologetically Jewish space
  66. Exploring the creek
  67. Ruach on ruach on ruach on ruach
  68. Sha(and I cannot emphasize this enough) bbat
  69. Early morning wake ups made bearable by friends and food
  70. Morning mist
  71. Leaving something behind for future campers
  72. Hammock Hangouts
  73. Seeing my life come full circle
  74. To come home again
  75. Carry on the special traditions of porter creek and camp in general to a new generation of campers
  76. To play frisbee on the upper field
  77. Squinting from the sun during services in the Beit T’filah on Shabbat
  78. Make new buildings special by having incredible memories inside them
  79. CIT Shtick
  80. That moment when you finally understand what song a session song is based off
  81. Being my authentic self 
  82. Wake up playlists
  83. Arguments surrounding who has to get a new pitcher of “lemonade”
  84. Cabin names and countdowns
  85. Yom CIT
  86. Signs made out of Butcher Paper
  87. When campers see the magic that camp creates
  88. When Avodah and CIT get to take a peek behind the curtains
  89. Intersession water fights
  90. Stories like the ruby, spoons for hands, and kugelfresser
  91. Pizza Bagels
  92. Procession
  93. No lanyard tans
  94. The swim test
  95. When campers start hoarding snacks for no reason
  96. Remaking trails that need some love
  97. Seeing a camper conquer the tower for the first time
  98. Making art that will last much longer than the 10 weeks of the summer
  99. Returning Home
  100. Seeing all of you!