By Alaina Yoakum, Marketing & Communications Director

Here at URJ Camp Newman, we have two hot commodities: a sweeping view of the night sky and 500 acres of land to explore and hike. Each session gets to fully indulge in each of these during a special overnight program. During this Israel-inspired camping experience, campers learn outdoor skills, team build and bond.

The overnight experience begins with a hike out to the overnight site through the Enchanted Forest, a breathtakingly beautiful hike in a forest only the painter Bob Ross could have imagined.

Once at the overnight site, which overlooks the hills and valleys of Porter Creek, our campers feast on poike, an Israeli camping dish made of rice, meat and vegetables that is cooked in a cast iron pot over a campfire.

Each outdoor group participates in two great team building – and friend making – activities: They paint a flag to represent their eidah and learn outdoor survival skills with an Israeli twist: With Israeli commands, they learn how to walk quietly, listen in the dark, and work as a single unit. Using the newly learned outdoor survival skills, they’re then given a secret mission to raise their flag in pitch dark using their newly minted skills.

Their reward for completing their mission? S’mores and shira around the campfire, ending with Siyum and a restful night in tents. It’s one of our campers’ favorite experiences at camp – and a laila tov for all!