NFTY CWR C-Dubb Smash 2015

Dear Friends and Family of Camp Newman,

“Chag Sameach,” a joyous festival, is the salutation we invoke as we enter Sukkot, our Jewish fall harvest festival.


Teens enjoying Camp Newman in fall at NFTY’s C-Dubb Smash event

At Camp Newman, fall is in the chilly night air, with beautiful foliage, ripened fruits and vegetables from our Israel and Kibbutz Gardens, and meals taking place under our Sukkah. While Sukkot signals the beginning of autumn, life and activity at Camp Newman continue through the year – over 200 NFTY campers and staff just gathered here last weekend, September 25 to 27, to celebrate Shabbat, Sukkot and the blessings of NFTY and Camp. And almost every weekend, youth, adult and family groups gather to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish community in our sacred space.

Sukkot’s primary theme is joy, and it is this joy of Judaism that makes up a magical ingredient at Camp Newman and NFTY as evidenced by the thousands of campers, NFTY teens, young adults and faculty who spontaneously chant “I love being Jewish” after entering our gates.

counselorsThis joy lasts a lifetime. Like the Sukkah that provides shelter, Camp Newman and NFTY is a lifelong shelter.  Most children change schools, neighborhoods, communities and sometimes family structures at some point. Only at Camp Newman and at other Camps around the country can a child begin their sacred Jewish journey starting from age eight and continue that journey through their mid-twenties and beyond. These decades leave a lasting legacy on every child – a deep love of Judaism, profound friendships and role models, personal growth and a celebration of their best selves.

Chag Sameach from your URJ Camp Newman & NFTY Family,

Ruben Arquilevich
Executive Director, URJ Camp Newman