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Situated in the Santa Rosa hills, Camp Newman provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable camp experience. With over 500 acres of land, great sports and arts facilities, a pool, an amphitheater, a sustainable farm and more, there are plentiful indoor and outdoor space for campers to learn, live and explore all summer. Miles away from the city glare, the star gazing is spectacular. And all campus buildings are within a few minutes’ walk of each other, creating an environment that is both safe and accessible for children of all ages.

To learn more about Camp Newman and its enchanting surroundings and facilities, read on! If you’re interested in renting our facilities, please click here for more info.

Cabin Villages

During the summer, campers live in one of several villages grouped by age and gender. Our younger camp boys live in Boys Row and our younger camp girls live in Girls Village. Older campers live in separate villages at the top of camp. Cabins are equipped with all the amenities campers need to sleep, relax and socialize with their bunkmates comfortably all session long. Every camper is assigned a top or bottom bunk, and space to store their belongings. Counselors live in cabin to supervise and mentor their campers throughout the day and evening.

Indoor Spaces

campers best of 13Beit Am (Multi-Purpose Hall): This versatile program facility is the main multi-purpose hall at camp – with a working fireplace, a piano and a spacious indoor art room.

Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall): This is the place where we gather as a camp community, enjoying delicious Kosher-style meals every day, and on Friday, a special family-style Shabbat dinner served by our senior staff and directors. To see what’s on the menu, click here.

Beit K’hilah (Program Room): This smaller space is where campers often gather in smaller groups to meet, learn and play music together.

Outdoor Spaces

campers best of 97Beit T’filah (Amphitheater): This giant 700-seat space is home to our morning prayers (mifkad boker), our Jewish rock concerts, our all-camp session song celebrations, our rockin’ shiras (song sessions) and, most importantly, our Shabbat services on Friday evenings.

Pinat T’filah (Campfire Amphitheater): Enjoy an intimate campfire with your dearest friends here.

Kikar, Mirpeset, Heeger-Messinger Plaza & Nof Harim (Outdoor Plazas): These four plazas are the perfect space for programs, provide breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and the perfect vantage point to watch the sunset.

The Mosaic (The Amado Plaza): Featuring a spectacular mosaic Hamza embedded in the green turf, this is the ideal spot for small gatherings.

The Vineyard: Campers love to participate in fun activities in this working vineyard.

Amado Chapel & Shaina’s Place: Adjacent to the vineyard is Amado Chapel, a place for t’fillah, group discussions and bar/bat mitzvah studying, and Shaina’s Place, a sweet circle of redwoods perfect for small group and cabin activities.

Creek-side Amphitheater: Overlooking our creek, campers use this meaningful and peaceful place to pray or just take a moment to reflect.

OKY – Our Sustainable Farm

Our on-site sustainable farm, Operation Kibbutz Yarok or “OKY,” offers campers a unique experience to be a part of nature. All campers visit the farm during their session for special programs guided by our OKY specialist, Ali Greenland. Campers get a taste of what it’s like to live and work on a real farm – tending to our goats and chickens, getting their hands a little dirty in our garden, and doing age-appropriate activities to keep the farm running. Our Avodah campers in 11th grade actually live on-site during their session in teepees, helping to run the farm, contributing to larger projects, and helping to lead OKY programs.

Sports & Recreation Areas

Athletic Facilities: Want to play soccer, softball or an ultimate Frisbee game? Our sports facilities include two side-by-side outdoor basketball courts, an archery range, and two large grass-covered fields. We also have three Ga-Ga pits. (Ga-ga is a popular camp pastime – a dodgeball-like game played with one ball)

Adventure Mountain: Our adventure facilities include an alpine climbing tower, a low ropes course and a 400-feet zip line.

Overnight Space: Campers love hiking the mile and a half from main camp to reach this tranquil space, where younger campers get to enjoy an evening cookout and stargazing, and older campers get to experience an overnight in tents.

Hiking Trails: Camp Newman is situated on 500 acres that are crisscrossed by scores of hiking trails. Camper favorites include the Enchanted Forest hike and the short climb to our Star overlooking camp.

Arts Facilities: Camp Newman offers two spaces that are ideal for art activities:

  • Indoor-Outdoor Art Area: This is the spot where campers get to explore their creative side with a range of arts & crafts. In past summers, campers have painted, mosaicked, tie-dyed and more.
  • Wasserman Hagigah Building: This three-room building is the home of our Hagigah session and also a perfect spot for activities like drama, dance, silk painting, scrapbooking, and more.

Pool & Waterslide: A favorite spot, campers love to come here to swim, play marco-polo, brave the water slide, or lounge poolside under our shaded tents or in the sun. Changing and bathroom facilities are conveniently located right next to the pool.