Our Programs

1-1/2 to 2 Week Sessions

For grades 3rd through 12th in 2017

Begin Your Camp Journey

Entering 3rd & 4th grades in 2017: Bonim, Mechina, Chaverim, Giborim

Focused on building self-confidence and independence in a nurturing Jewish environment, these sessions offer the perfect introduction for young campers to start their Camp Newman journey. Emphasis is on fun, the joy of being Jewish, trying out all the activities, and making new friends. Highlights include a hike through the Enchanted Forest and cookout.

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Summer Fun

Entering 5th & 6th grades in 2017: Shoshanim, Chalutzim, Nitzanim, Chayim

Campers dive into a mix of camp activities and innovative programs with lots of chances to express themselves, try new activities, and explore their Jewish identity. The focus is on fun, the joy of Jewish living, doing new things, personal growth, and making friends. Includes an overnight, camp fire, and cookout.

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Traditional Camp Sessions

Entering 7th & 8th grades in 2017: Tzofim, Gesher, Kesher, Kallah Entering 9th & 10th grades in 2017: Bogrim, Machon, Ayalim Entering 9th-11th grades in 2017: Alufim

These sessions give teens a “wow” experience. Educational, social, cultural, and sports options abound. Campers get many chances to explore their passions and potential with staff guidance and support. Teens connect to new and old friends, to Judaism, and to their camp community.

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*NEW* Nisayon – A Teen Teva Experience

Entering 9th – 12th grades in 2017

An outdoor skills expedition in Camp Newman’s back country. Embark on an outdoor adventure at Camp Newman! Maximizing the many features of our 500-acre property, this session will give teens the opportunity to learn leadership and team-building skills through outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, adventure challenges, and more…

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*NEW* Kochavim – A Theater Arts Experience

Entering 9th – 12th grades in 2017

img_9484Rising stars and theater fans: Delve into your artistic interests, develop new talents, and forge new friends in this new theater arts session at Camp Newman! Explore drama, theater arts design, vocal performance and more…

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3-4 Week Sessions

For grades 6th through 11th in 2017

Shomrim & Etzim

Entering 6th & 7th Grades in 2017

Enjoy camp experiences in greater depth and build strong bonds to friends, Judaism, and the camp community. Extra recreational options and flex time allow for more time to do favorite activities, as well as to try new things and master new skills. Four weeks means more fun, more friends, and more time together!

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Entering 8th & 9th Grades in 2017

It’s never been cooler to be green! Rishonim gives teens a hands-on outdoor adventure experience. Combining passion for the environment with Jewish values, campers enjoy hiking, trail blazing, and programs on outdoor education, leadership, and ecology. Includes an overnight at exclusive campground created by former Rishonim campers.

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Entering 8th & 9th Grades in 2017

This unique program invites teens to challenge themselves and learn new skills through sports, dance, yoga, and more. Along with traditional camp activities, Maccabiah campers work together to develop valuable team-building and leadership skills.

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Entering 10th & 11th Grades in 2017

Hagigah is the premier Jewish arts teen program on the West Coast. Campers choose majors and minors in visual and performing arts, studying with distinguished Jewish artists in an exploratory and collaborative atmosphere. Their experience culminates in a camp-wide festival to celebrate their work.

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Entering 10th & 11th Grades in 2017hevrah

In this leading, progressive social justice program, teens delve into a project that expresses the core Jewish value of repairing the world, Tikkun Olam. The session culminates with a special trip to our state capital, where they get to present their research and innovative solutions to the social justice issues of today directly to government representatives.

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Summer-Long Teen Training

For grades 11th & 12th in 2017

We have a phenomenal group of teens applying for spaces in these eight-week programs. Spaces fill quickly on a first come, first served basis, and require an intensive application process. Apply as early as possible! Info: 415.392.7080 or CampNewman@urj.org.


Entering 11th Grade in 2017

Avodah is a multifaceted, service-based program in which campers play an integral role in camp’s day-to-day operations. Avodahniks develop a strong work ethic and serve as Jewish role models at camp. Beyond daily activities, campers work diligently on a significant camp improvement project and march as a team in both the annual Pride Parade and AIDS Walk in San Francisco.

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Counselor in Training (CIT)

Entering 12th Grade in 2017

Our highly-selective and popular CIT program trains our future staff and camp leadership, offering young adults a valuable personal and professional growth opportunity. Leadership workshops and Judaic programs are combined with practical hands-on training with children of all ages.

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