By Delaney Stock, Summer Camp Marketing Associate

Ruben with our Mishlachat

Year after year, 15+ Israeli’s come to Camp Newman to spend their summer engaging in a Jewish community across the globe. We call them our Mishlachat, our Israeli delegation. Although it may be a daunting task, their experience results in countless memories and a new perspective of Judaism. They come not only to build lifelong friendships but to help break down barriers and illuminate for our entire camp community what their lives are like back in Israel.

We are all so lucky that these passionate Israeli individuals come every year to share their love of Israel and to give us a glimpse of their home.

Read this poem written by one of our Mishlachat, reminiscing of their time here at #NewmanByTheBay.


To fly 15 hours to a place you couldn’t begin to imagine, and then to land and find out you didn’t bring enough jackets.

To be asked “can you do an American accent?” To ask a thousand times, “ma?” And to start speaking Hebrew in an American accent: kikar, beit t’fila, ulam hasport.

To break common beliefs about the IDF, to form new opinions about the IDF, and to talk only about the IDF.

To have Bat Mitzvah when you are 20 years old, to make new friends, and to know that we have so much in common even though we come from different places.

To explain that Noa is a girl’s name, to learn to play Frisbee; it’s to love the mac ‘n’ cheese and hate the falafel in the dining hall.

To tell my family what I do here and know they will never understand.

To be an ambassador in everything you do, to scream for the first time “I LOVE BEING JEWISH,” and to be the best version of yourself just because you can.

To be a mishlahat is to miss home while feeling at home…


Yom Israel Photo Gallery

Each session, our campers participate in Yom Israel – a half day of engaging programming led by our Mischlachat to give campers insight into Israeli culture, geography and history.

View a couple of clips of when our Mishlachat led Shabbat…


Our Mishlachat at Camp…