Packing For Camp

Not sure what your camper needs for their stay at camp? Check out these sample packing lists. Campers staying for longer sessions (Shomrim, Etzim, Rishonim, Maccabiah, Hagigah, Hevrah, Avodah, or CIT) get laundry done every two weeks and should adjust this list accordingly for the length of their session.

Mechina Packing List  2 Week Packing List


Here are some key things to remember while helping your camper pack:

  • Label everything!
  • Shoes must have a closed heel or toe (sneakers and walking sandals like Tevas or Chacos are great). Shower shoes are recommended but are only to be worn in the shower areas
  • Campers must pack in a soft-sided duffel bag, no hard-sided suitcases or bags with wheels
  • Camp is HOT! Remember a reusable water bottle, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen
  • Every Saturday we have Session Songs – each eidah (unit) dresses in an assigned color, performs cheers and their session song. It’s super fun! Here are the session colors, be sure to pack your color:

Summer Session Colors: Mechina wears purple, Bonim wears rainbow tie-dye, Giborim wears yellow, Tzofim wears orange, Shomrim wears blue, Rishonim and Etzim wear green, Maccabiah wears red, Alufim wears pink, Hagigah and Hevrah wear black.