Bonim: Building Connections, Becoming Mensches
by Rachel Chancellor, Bonim Dalet Rosh

A long time ago … well, not that long ago, just this summer… in a galaxy far, far away … on Porter Creek Road … our Bonim campers began their Camp Newman journey. For many of our “builders,” it was their first time away from home and it was their first experience of independence. They made new friends, participated in camp activities for the first time, and learned about Jewish values. In the last Bonim session, they explored Jewish values through the theme of Star Wars – they built their own lightsabers to defend against lashon ha’rah (gossip), worked in teams to master the Force and explore their own power to make change in the world, and created their own galaxies based on the values of kehillah kedosha (a holy community).


Giborim: Our Youngest Heros
by Shanya “Shosh the Rosh” Dollinger, Rosh Giborim

This summer Giborim campers learned how to be heroes. At the beginning of our time together campers learned that the dreaded Sneaky Star Stealer was back at camp to steal the famous star from on top of the mountain. The Mitzvah mensch, the leader of the Tzedek (justice) League needed the campers’ help to make sure the star stayed where it belonged. Over the course of the session, campers learned about modern Jewish heroes. People like Abraham Joshua Heschel, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Anat Hoffman taught our Giborim campers about kindness, justice, and Tikun Olam. 

With all this heroic knowledge, Giborim defeated the Sneaky Star Stealer and even convinced them to join the Tzedek League and fight for good. When we weren’t defeating villains, we climbed the tower, danced to Golden Boy slept under the stars, sped down the waterslide, and so much more. We love being Jewish!